my beautiful angel,
my world shattered when you fell.

i try to pick up the pieces
(so many pieces)
and go on with my life,
but i can't make them stay together.
(and so my world shatters once more)

my beautiful angel,
what became of you?
did you return home?
(to paradise)
or was it i that damned you?
(to hell)

nothing will ever be the same
(never again)
without you here.
(where are you?)

i miss you, angel,
and a million words could not
express how sorry i am for...
(what i did)

-eyes cast down, a single tear falls-

it was my fault, angel,
i should have died in your place.
there is nothing
(in this world)
i would not give
to bring you back
(to life)
(to me)

my beautiful angel,
it was my fault.

(please forgive me)