You and Me are One
(Let's Be One)

Your raidiance is like the warm rays of the sun
that fills my body and soul with new strength.
Your beauty is like the wide evergreen field
giving me new hope in this hopeless world.

Your smile like the fresh waters
that refreshes me and return the smile in me.
Your warm embrace melts my long iced heart
and your presence makes my blood flow again.

You make me alive
You make me strong.
You make me hope
You make me live.

You are the only one I desire
You are the only one that I long for.
Without you I will never be complete
In this cycle together there will be completeness.

So be with me, be one with me
I am for you, you are for me.
You and I together again
After a long time we've lost each other
when we started our journey.

Copyright © 2003 JC John Sese Cuneta.