What Do Blind Men See?

What does a blind man see?

What secret lies beneath

Those shut eyes.

Is it darkness

Or vibrant colours?

Is it beautiful and sweet

Or overwhelming and scary?

Does he even know

What the real world looks like?

Or is he living in a different reality;

A different world.

Does he know

What his mother looks like?

What his brother looks like?

What his wife looks like?

Does he even know the colour

Of his children's eyes?

But what does a blind man hear?

What impression of this world

Is he getting?

Does he hear harmonious music

Or loud screams and shouts.

Does he hear the reports of war

On the news?

Is he glad he can't see the suffering,

The pain, the agony, the torment,

Of millions.

Or does he wish he can see

So that he can help?

What does a blind man see?

What does a blind man hear?

I don't know.

I suppose that you would have to ask

A blind man