A New Type Of Germ
By:Andrew Troy Keller

This is a tale that you might believe for sure,
For this is a story about refugees from the future
And why they had came to our era of time
To escape the one and only crime
That they're falsely accussed of--the destruction of a cure.

In the year 2991,their scientists had accidently created
A new type of germ,which was the result of them having breeded
Two diseased bugs together--and within a couple of months,
That particular germ has killed 26 people and within the next month,
Several more would be stricken by the disease and become dead.

Just then,after they had realized that something's needed to be done,
The members of the Planet Governing Council had all acted as one
And ordered the world's top scientists
To really put their skills to the test
And make sure that the war against the disease is won.

And within a few short days,they had finally discovered the cure
For the disease.But suddenly,one scientist had discovered that the sure
Fire cure was actually more worse than the disease itself.
But instead of alerting his colleagues,he had decided to keep it to himself
And see to the destruction of the cure.

Then,after his colleagues had discovered what he had done
And the Council had ordered them to be executed one by one,
They've realized that they've got to escape that fate
And travel to a time era without hate.
This is one such era.