You may not find this particularly interesting, but I do. For a few months, all of my MSN screen names had a specific format- Fact of Life #- Blah blah (St. Peter). It was good while it lasted, but it severely annoyed a lot of people. I've never been able to find out what number three was...and a few of the other numbers are missing. My chat logs aren't that great.

And yes, I realise that I occasionally repeated them. Possibly my Maths isn't that great either.

Copyright © Peter C. Hayward 2003. All rights reserved.

Facts of life-

If blank after name, (St. Peter) followed.

Please, help fill in the gaps!

Fact of life one: Friends rarely like friends friends

Fact of life two: Parents never see the good things.

Fact of life three: (gap) ...think they are.(St. Peter) 40

Fact of life four: A LOT of people have Matrix names right now. May the force be...oh, wait.

Fact of life five: The only way to get someone to do something is to make them want to do it.

Fact of life six: Nee is small and cute

Fact of life seven: If I go to school tomorrow happy, I'll come away miserable.

Fact of life eight: Every adjective is a comparison.

Fact of life nine: No one has the right to tell you that the God you worship isn't real.

Fact of life ten: Une gomme means eraser in French.

Fact of life eleven: We'll drink a drink a drink to Lily the Pink the Pink the Pink.

Fact of life 12: $2 Million worth of cars were destroyed in the Matrix 2. Even if that's false, it made a cool scene.

Fact of life fourteen: There is no fact thirteen, and if there is, you don't want to hear it. That's a fact.

Fact of life fourteen: I just updated my top group so it now has 7 people in it.

Fact of life fifteen: MSN isn't letting me talk. If I'm not replying, that's why. Sorry.

Fact of life sixteen: Tegan, Gede and possibly Leena think that I have a crush on Leena. I don't. {LJ Update}

Fact of life sixteen: Brent started the rumours that I llike Leena. I don't. {LJ Update}

Fact of life seventeen: My LJ is FAR superior to "Michael"s.

Fact of life eighteen: The one thing I don't know where to draw the line on is rude jokes. I didn't know that.

Fact of life nineteen: A few will always doubt. That statement sounds meaningful, but means little.

Fact of life twenty: Fact nineteen was used for the shortest amount of time yet.

Fact of life twentyone: Few people are educated enough to tolerate me for long periods of time.

Fact of life twentyone: I'm sick.

Fact of life twentytwo: There are 49 facts of life, and I'm not stopping until I've pointed them all out.

Fact of life 23: If Cheese is "your word" then you're hopelessly unoriginal. Make up your own

word, like "moop".

Fact of life 24: The top ten TV Shows include both The Muppet Show and Monty Python.

Fact of life twentyfive: "Peter and the girls" shall someday defeat the evil "Blue Side" gang!

Fact of life twentysix: I don't know a lot of things that "everyone" knows.

Fact of life twentyseven: It's about time I changed my screen name.

Fact of life twentyeight: Without corny people, the world would be bleak, depressing and Disney-less.

Fact of life twentynine: We each write the rules by which we live our lives.

Fact of life 29 revised: The rules of our life are governed by our feelings, influences and morals to make us whom we are.

Fact of life thirty: Emily smokes. (St. "Anti Smoking" Peter)

Fact of life thirtyone: A lot of girls regard me as a girl. A lot of girls regard me as "Freak with the hair", though.

Fact of life thirtytwo: You smell.

Fact of life thirtytwo revised: PETER smells. [letting my sister choose my fact was probably a bad idea]

Fact of life thirtythree: Life is like a huge dinner, and death is the afterdinner mint. One that's gone off, though.

Fact of life thirtyfour: To get somewhere in the world, you have to have talent or beauty. Fortunately, I have both!

Fact of life thirtysix: I don't have a bed anymore! And I have a printer and a scanner in my room! Yay!

Fact of life thirtyseven: I beat Degan on the 6+ Test! Ha! 15/15!! And we only have chips, so I'll bake you a cake.

Fact of life 38: I just finished HP5, and there's only one word to describe it: "Geez Louise, that was satisfying."

Fact of life 38 revised: I finished HP5 at 6, Saturday, and I rate it: "Geez Louise, that was satisfying."

Fact of life thirtynine: I blocked and deleted Leena. End of another "Friendship".

Fact of life fourty: Happiness comes in more forms than just elation, as I discovered on Friday afternoon.

Fact of life forty revised: Happiness can come in the form of GETTING THE NETWORK WORKING!!!!!

Fact of life 41 a: If I ran the world, then we'd be running on Metric Time

Fact of life 41 b: If I ran the world, then we'd be a heck of a lot happier. Moral of the story? Vote St. Peter no. 1!

Fact of life 41 c: If I ran the world, South America would all be one large country. (Wait, it isn't already is it? St.P)

Fact of life 41 e: If I ran the world, Nudity would be legalised. For females. Attractive females.

Fact of life 43 rererevised: Brent's Mum's Dolphin (Born 10:03am 15/07/03, 6 pounds- natural birth) is called Lily Lea.(St.P)

Fact of life 43 rerererevised: Brent's Mum's Dolphin (Born 10:03am 15/07/03, 6 pounds- natural birth) is called Lilly Lea.(St.P)

Fact of life 44: - is online!!! (St.P)

Fact of life 45: Nee's mean :( (St.Peter)

Fact of life 46: The meaning of life is the period of life between birth and death (St.Peter)[Thanks Gavin]

Fact of life 46 revised: The meaning of life is the period of time between birth and death (St.Peter)[Thanks Gavin]

Fact of life 47: The Glennie is unisex, while Harristown is bisexual. (St. Peter the hetero)

Fact of life 48: This fact isn't actually a fact. It's a paradox.

Fact of life 49: My latest song, "My best friend is a lesbian and I think I am too" is going to be world famous some day.