The Deaths

 We had an argument. She had accused me of sleeping with another woman. God, I wouldn't do that, I love my wife. I told her no, I hadn't slept with anyone but her. She was mad, called me a liar. Then our son started to cry. She ran to him and i took the oppurtunity to leave. I went straight to the pub and got completely drunk. Later, when the drink wore of i went to visit my brothers grave, it was a bad idea. I walked into the cemetery. I shivered even though it wasn't cold. I heard a faint roar. I tried to step backwards,I couldn't move.I heard faint muffled footsteps.I saw the Death.A knife whistled through the wind and he swiftly caught it. I screamed a long but  silent

scream.A kind of forcefield was stopping me doing any thing .Its claws ripped my clothes as it grasped my shoulder.It dragged me to a large old oak tree.Then bound me with

ropes. Then it screeched a long,piercing screech and from all around Deaths came gliding towards me.The Deaths formed a closed circle,leaving only one open space. Another

death was still out hunting.Suddenly all the Deaths froze.I looked down and saw my

watch,It was one minute to midnight and I knew then that they were going to kill me at

exactly midnight.Then I had an idea.I reached out my hand and just managed to get the

knife,then I cut the ropes that bound me to the tree.I ran to  the open space and tried to go out ,but the Deaths had thought of everything,there was a forcefield there.Then I realised what knife I had in my hand,It was the subtle knife.quickly I cut  open the forcefield and began  crawling through the slit.when I heard that horrible beep from my  watch

signifying midnight I knew I wouldn't get away.The Death nearest me pulled me  back

and handed me to what was obviously the Death leader.He took away the knife and

bound me once again,only this time with chains.As I saw the kinfe plunge into my heart I took a long shuddering breath. Then all went black.

A three year old  sleepwalked through the gate, in my memory something stirred vaguely and then I glided towards him. 'No!' I thought 'No!'. My claws ripped through the boys bob the builder pyjamas.He opened his mouth to scream out in pain and terror.But no sound came out.The knife came whistling to my hand.Inwardly i was shrieking in terror but it didn't show.I knew all was lost for me but i still had the strength to save the boy.I forced the knife to turn towardsmy throat and pushed it forwards.For the second time everything went black.

I was standing by the tree,the boy's (my son) hand in mine in my other hand was the knife.We've   won i thought,we've won.Then i took the child into my arms and hugged him tight,

sobbing with relief.The child came out of his sleep walk and woke up,"where am i" he

cried hugging me tighter." I'm gonna take you home now son" I whispered into his ear.

As we walked out of the gate hand in hand i heard voices saying "we'll get you both sometime...sometime".

Jenny woke up when Sammy and i entered the house. She hadn't realised he had gone and i decided not to tell her anything about our cemetery experience. I just told her i'd been coming home and had seen him wondering down our street. We put himto bed and then i told her we needed to talk. She agreed.