Was It Or Wasn't It A Dream?

By:Andrew Troy Keller

To all of us,a glow of light could mean a lot of things from a streetlight to the lamp in our very own bedrooms.

However,what we sometimes seem to forget is that a glow of light could also mean something that we've considered to be strange and mysterious,like for instance,an extraterestrial spacecraft.

Speaking of which,a group of Ohio State University students had such an encounter on a stretch of highway known as Interstate 79,while they were on their way back to school after spending their Holiday break with their families.

About a few miles or so later,something had caused their car to slow to crawl and finally stop,causing one of those students,Oliver Jordon to get out of the car and try to figure out what was wrong with it.

But then suddenly,a strange glow of light had appeared from out of nowhere and caused a confused Oliver to turn and look at the glow for himself.

And as soon as he had turned towards the light,the look on his face has changed to that of pure shock,for he had seen the source of the light and discovered that it was a large disc shaped craft hovering over the car.

After they had gotten a really good look at the UFO,the first instinct of the OSU students was to flee for their lives as fast as they possibly could.

But they were unable to do so,because some strange force had caused them to remain in place and made sure that they were unable to move.

Just then,after the UFO had landed in front of the car,the spacecraft's hatch had opened and several little grey beings had stepped out of the ship and towards the helpless OSU students.

And after they had placed the hands of the OSU students inside their own hands,the little grey beings had taken them back aboard their ship,just before the hatch had closed behind them.

As soon as they were deep inside the spacecraft,the greys had removed the clothes off of Oliver and his OSU classmates before leading each of them into a special room for examination purposes.

After they had placed his nude body on an examination table and tilted it up,Oliver's eyes had suddenly grown wide as saucers,for one of his friends,Heather Bowheart was being impregnated by the greys for some form of experimintation in cross breeding.

At first,all Oliver had wanted to do was scream his head off,but was unable to do so,for the greys had planted a device on his forehead that has kept him from making a slightest move or a slightest sound.

Then,after they had closed the doors,the greys had placed a needle inside Oliver's arm and began to shoot a strange liquid into his body,causing him to become droozy and fall fast asleep,while they were begining their experimentations on him.

Now,even he had no idea as to how long he and his friends had been unconscious.

But as soon as they had woken up and rubbed the sleep out of their eyes,the OSU students had looked around and saw that they were all back inside their car and the UFO was nowhere to be found,causing them all to believe that their experience was nothing more than just a bad dream.

Just then,Heather had looked at her watch and was shocked to discover that 10 minutes had passed,while they were experiencing that so called 'dream',which had left them with only one question to answer--was it or wasn't it a dream?