So Much Noise

By:Andrew Troy Keller

This is a story of what happens when you let someone drive you crazy with so much noise that you won't be able to get a decent night's sleep.

You see,Tony DeVito was on his way to a comic book convention in New York City,when he had suddenly felt like wanting to turn in for the night and getting a fresh start in the morning.

So,he had pulled into this truck stop motel and diner,checked himself in and went up to his room.

And after he had gotten his pajamas on and crawled into bed,Tony had turned off the lights and settled down for a nice,long rest.

But suddenly,without any warning at all,Tony was quickly woken up by the sound of heavy metal guitars being played at full volume.

That noise was enough to force Tony to get out of bed,walked to the room next door and bang on the door.

But then,after the music had finally stopped,the door opened and one of the members of the heavy metal band had stuck his head out and said,"Hey,Pal.Do you mind holding it down?We're having a jam session in here."

And after they had shut the door and gone back to their jam session,Tony had gone down to the manager's office and asked,"Why don't you call the cops to get rid of those hoodlems?"

The manager responded,"What?And give up all that free entertainment?"