AN: This is for Adriana, AlbaDeborah on this site and AlbaakaLuthienMiriel
on, the greatest friend of all! Love you chica! Mwah! Of course,
nothing is good enough for her but it's the intention that counts and I've
really tried to make this good enough :D.

Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo!
A flower blooming in the snow,
Amid this chaos you are my friend,
You are the light at this tunnel's end.

When my pain walks down, a one way street,
You always seem to be at the end of it,
Bearing the spell which will make me happy,
The jokes that will make me laugh with glee.

Whenever I am depressed, or merely bored,
You have the gift to make me awed,
With stories, that make my heart race,
And swallow me in their wild embrace.

Talented, pretty, charming and clever,
Is there anything you cannot do better,
Than this whole world of sinners and losers,
Tormented souls and cheating winners?

You are too dear to me, to call you an angel,
Promise me we will never say farewell,
You are the best friend I could ever dream of,
Don't leave me to go to the skies above.

When you need help I just hope,
You'll call me to help you elope,
Your fears and woes, whatever they may be,
Because I'll come, whenever you need me.

You are a great friend, I really love you.
That's all I want you to know, and it's true.
In this hypocrite world to me you are a blessing:
A star shone on the night of our meeting!