****~ Most of the poems that I write are about my brother and Jeremy who were in a car accident in 1999. On Father's Day night, we got a call that there was an accident.  Jeremy was announced dead I think three days after in the hospital.  My brother spent weeks in the hospital and then finished the summer in a rehab hospital.  What a birthday! Well you get the idea of the reasons I write these so please read them and tell me what you think. ~****

I Remember You Jeremy

I wish you were here,

Even though you are not.

For upon my cheek is a tear,

Because I know that you fought.

That truck was speeding,

I know it is true.

Then you became needing,

But I don't know if you knew.

I have much grief,

That we lost you.

But it's relief,

From the crying inside too.

Young when you died,

For I've never lied.