In my mind's eye, I see him as he was

Always nice and never mean to his friends and family

He would live his life to the fullest like some daredevil out of a movie

Then it all changed

They were only having a good time and a bit of fun

It was like a speeding bullet, they could not run

Unaware, they pulled out onto the road

The semi-truck appeared from nowhere as if by some source of black magic


I can picture it now as if I was there

The truck on its side, in the ravine

The car smashed tight to half its size

Minutes later, rescuers arrive to cut up the car

The growl of a helicopter as it comes from afar

Two young men are rushed to the hospital

Two went in, one came back out

We will mourn his death till the end of time

But deep inside, we know that he would want us to endure the pain and move on with our lives

A/N:       Okay, I know that this poem is basically the same as the other ones and everyone is getting sick of reading the same things over and over

               But this poem was one I had to do for reading class and I had to enter it in a contest.  Surprisingly it got published in Celebrate! Young

               Poets Speak Out Fall 2003.  So even though it is just bits and pieces of the other poems, I thought a few people might like it.  Please review

               on it!!!!