Again no title. suggestions welcome

I couldn't understand
If I'm in love with him
Why did I miss you?

I was done with you
You treated me like shit
And he treats me like an angel

All I wanted to do is talk to him
And I avoided you
Like a disease

So then why did presents you gave me
And e-mails you sent me
Make me cry?

Well it took awhile
But I figured it out
Its not you I miss

I just miss hugging
And kissing
And cuddling

But not with you
I just wish I could have that relationship
With him

A/N: Most of m poems don't need an explanation, but this one might be
confusing.. Its about how I was confused about missing my ex even though I
have an online boyfriend who I love. and I realized I just miss hugging etc
& I wish I could do it with my online b/f. lol does that make any sense??
Oh well r & r please