Once upon a time there was a multicoloured elephant. His name was Elma. He lived with a herd of elephants, they were all grey. One day a tourist dropped his open packet of marshmallows, Elma saw them and picked them up. He took them back to the herd and handed them out. All  the elphants liked them. So Elma decided they should go out and find some more marshmallows, or squishys as he called them. He sent the elephants out to watch for more tourists to see if they dropped packets of marshmallows. One of the elephants reported back to Elma that he had seen the boy who dropped the first packet go into a little  building at the edge of  the jungle and the little boy had come out with another packet. The elephants decided to go into the shop and take whatever packets of marshmallows that they could find. So they all went crashing into the shops and stole 50 packets of marshmallows. All the shelves got knocked down and all the windows smashed. The shopkeeper got very angry.The elephants ran away and ate all the sweets. The shopkeeper fixed his shop. All the elephants went to sleep with full tummies.

                                               THE END