Ghost Story

"Run!" she screamed dragging her five-year-old brother (Tony) behind her. "Run, HURRY,"she yelled. They had been sleeping peacefully in their cottage with 'Mum' and 'Gram' and the baby when there had been a knock on the door, Gram had said: Don't say anything if you want to live. Straight afterwards there had been a hideous cackling laugh, going on and on 'til Tony couldn't bear it any more and cried (tears streaming down his mud streaked face): Who's th-th-there? After a minutes pause the doors banging and crashing opened. Two green flashes suddenly streaked out, horribly taking with them (when they went) the lives of the baby and Mum. Just before a third flash killed Gram, Gram stuttered the word SCRAM and died. Tony and his sister had then run like hares, being pursued by the thing (whatever it was), which was also steadily gaining on them. "Hurry Tony, you have to hurry" then she added "Or  we'll die". The last word seemed to give Tony fresh strength and they broke into a sprint. "I'm frightened Tammy" Tony bellowed over the roaring gale, "So am I, but keep going" she wailed