It was utterly black outside. Still, that didn't matter, Jessica knew. Quietly she climbed out of her bedroom window and ran to her bike. She had the food for their adventure and Lily was bringing the equipment. Quickly she pedalled of into the darkness. In the room next door her twin sister heard what she was doing and, as she was annoyed, decided to follow her. So Holly went and got her bike, then hurried after Jessica. She soon caught up, but stayed a little behind, so she couldn't be seen. Jessica hid her bike behind a small bush and ran into the woods. Leaving her bike, Holly followed.

The woods were dark and muddy. Mist swirled through the trees. All around her the trees cast ghostly shadows across the soil. Twigs snapped and branches creaked around her. Yet she was not afraid. Lily was 8 years old, a slim tall girl, with a haunted look about her. Except for when she was with Jessica. She had had to rush to get to the woods in time. This was because her father had given her a beating. Afterwards it had hurt so much she could barely move. Later, after crying herself to sleep, she had woken up and remembered she had to meet Jessica. Although every time she moved a wave of dizziness washed over her she had known she couldn't let Jessica down. Quickly she grabbed a torch, a penknife and some rope, and then she had set of to the woods.

As Holly was catching up with her sister she saw a figure grab onto Jessica, but it was the scream that frightened her most.

Lily heard a scream coming from their meeting place… It was Jessica's. As swift as a hare she ran, crashing through the undergrowth. The sound of her heart pounded in her ears. "Jessica!" she screamed in abject terror "Jessica!" She was terrified, and yet she couldn't leave her best friend and so she ran on. She came to an abrupt stop when she crashed into another eight year old, almost completely identical to Jessica. She paused then said "Come on, we've got to get to Jessica." As they got nearer they could hear what Jessica was screaming, " Get of me! Get of me! Lily! Help me!" and see her struggling with a large figure. Speedily they rushed into the clearing, just as Jessica went limp. Two small bodies thumped into the figures back and knocked the person over. Holly and Lily grabbed Jessica's pale, motionless body and began to run in the direction of the bikes…  


Damn, that shouldn't have happened. There were only meant to be two of them. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.