Summary:  At some point of the day everyone goes into they're own special world where everything is just the way they would want it. They go there to think and to escape the reality of, well, reality. You will never actually know what a person is thinking or what's going on inside his/her mind. This poem is a small part of what goes on inside of my mind, my world. Where my fantasies become a reality and poems and stories are born. This is my reality.


My Reality

My world begins

With a magical spark

When the night is day

And the nightingale sings with the lark

This is where

Worlds shall collide

And enemies will be forced

To fight side by side

In this world

All can be healed

When with a single kiss

True love is sealed

Here is where

Evil's conquered by right

And peasants and nobles

Gain the courage to fight

All of this written

Is just a simple fantasy

Yet upon entrance to my mind

It's all my reality