Act VI: Brutus


Farewell, good Strato.

Runs on his sword

Caesar, now be still:
I kill'd not thee with half so good a will.



Saturday, Day 36
(Eric, Erin, and Matt talk in front of the fishtank and notice that Sara's fish has mysteriously been removed)
Erin: There's four fish
Eric: Where's the other one?
Matt: Well, it was Sara's
Erin: now that's just creepy
Matt: I don't think it was a coincidence
Erin: And Jude's is still here
Matt: Yeah
Eric: Weird
Erin: Sara must have taken the fish out, because she knew she was going… you know, with one dollar and all.
Matt: Yeah….
Eric: You know Erin, you have a lot of tricks up your sleeves, but I have to admit, you got us going on this one
Matt: We totally didn't think you'd still be here
Eric: Honestly, I'll hand it down to ya. You're great at this game.
Erin: Thanks guys. You do what you gotta do.
Eric: yeah

Eric's Confessional: I walked out of the living room, saying… "Why the hell is Erin still here." I didn't expect her to be here for another week! She was supposed to leave this morning! But for her to fool us all like that, it takes some skill

Matt: tell us how you did it?
Erin: She voluntarily did it
Eric: No, how you kept it a secret
Erin: Oh. Okay. She didn't want you guys do know, because you guys would talk her out of it, you know how she's fickle'n all. So then she gave me one dollar, so I wouldn't go home empty handed, but it was really so that I could do the act of turning in money… because you all knew I had none. …and then while you guys weren't looking, it was the scariest part of the whole game, because our hearts were pounding and all, and we had to do it quick. we quickly exchanged money, and turned it in… and then she gave me her property too.
Matt: Wow, you guys are great.
Erin: Yeah, it's just a shame she's not here.

Erin's Confessional: Remember sometime like last week, I had no money, and I said I'd find a way out, and I'm not done yet? Well, yeah. Look at me! I'm still here aren't I! Erin doesn't give up until she sees her escort.

Sunday, Night 37
(Eric, Erin, and Matt play Monopoly)
Eric's Confessional: Erin's surprisingly still in the game, but with the limited money that Sara had, it's going to take a miracle for her to pull through and survive through next week. Something tells me she will though, she's either a hella lot smarter than us, or just has extremely good luck.

(Host Enters)
Host: Hey Guys, follow me into the dining room
(Characters stop their game and follow the host into the dining room and take a seat)
Host: Congratulations guys, you have made it 37 days straight. And I told you that these last few days wouldn't be anything normal, so eat for about an hour, and then I'll call you somewhere. Enjoy it. (Host leaves)
Erin: Whoa…
Matt: That was a little… uhh… weird.
Eric: Seriously…
Erin: He said to enjoy the meal, it only means one thing. In an hour, something's gonna change

Eric's Confessional: We were given instructions to eat for an hour, but to enjoy it. All we know is that we have an hour, and after that, something very weird is going to happen.

(Characters continue to eat and drink)
(55 minutes late. Eric gets another plate)
Eric: Anyone want more
Erin: Hell no, I'm bloated. I feel sick!
Matt: Same here, my body cant take anymore

Matt's Confessional: We were supposed to enjoy our meal, but it was pretty funny because we ate as much as we could, and it wasn't all that great afterwards. We ate way too much and felt pretty sick. Erin even said she was going to throw up a couple times.

(Host enters)
Host: You guys feeling alright?
Eric: No, we're actually ummm---
Erin: ---bloated
Eric: Yeah, that.
Host: Well, I told you to enjoy it
Matt: We tried
Host: (Laughs) Okay
Erin: Can I go to the bathroom?
Host: Nope, I'm sorry. I'm not in authority to let you do that
Erin: What!
Host: We're on a tight schedule. Follow me
Erin: (Burps) Alright (Characters follow host into a small room with no windows and three platforms)
Host: Go ahead and stand on one of those platforms
(Characters follow. Erin takes the middle platform, Matt takes left, Eric takes right)
Host: Tell me, do you guys have any regrets about this game?
Erin: No, I think I played this game well, and no regrets
Host: Eric?
Eric: No
Host: Matt?
Matt: Not really
Host: That's good, then you guys should have no problem with this next activity. At this point in the game, how much would you guys do for money? Matt?
Matt: When there's three people left in the game, I think I'd do just about anything, because I really want to win this.
Host: Eric?
Eric: Pretty much anything, although I wouldn't sacrifice my personal beliefs or anything crazy like that
Erin: I'd do anything, I think that I've already done everything in the book, so it should be nothing. Right now, I have the least amount of money in the game, so I need it more than anyone.
Host: Well, let me introduce you to this activity, where you will be playing for money. I will add no details or specifics as to what you will be doing, but I can tell you one thing. You must pay to play. The amount of money you put in will be the amount you get if you win. If you lose, you lose the money that you put in. if you win, you're getting double. Understand?
(Characters nod)
Host: Another thing is, let me warn you. You will not be playing Monopoly in this game ever again, so this is your last chance of winning money. In addition to that, you will be having an elimination day tomorrow morning. That's tomorrow morning, not Saturday.
Erin: (nods) yeah.
Host: So, you don't know what you're going to be doing in a couple minutes, but you all have pretty much more or less a one-in-three chance of winning this. I'll give you a moment to wager your money. Think about it, it's an important decision
(Characters make important thinking)

Host: Okay, one by one, I need you to give me the money. Let's start with Eric
Eric: (hands money to host)
Host: How much was that?
Eric: I put in 5,000, because after that I'm still in first place, I believe.
Host: Okay. Matt?
Matt: (hands money) It's only a thousand, I'm not good at these games.
Host: That's fine. Erin?
Erin: (Hands money) This was a tough decision. I am betting all of my money, with the exception of a couple hundreds. That's the only way I can stay in the game, because I'm at a real disadvantage right now, and I would lose anyway… so it's all or nothing (Takes deep breath)
Host: Okay (Puts money in a safe and locks it) now I'm going to give you a decision before we play. You can either play for what you put in like it is now… or you can vote on a jackpot game, which would entitle you to the total amount in this chest if you win. But if you lose, you're not only hurting yourself, but you're helping the winner. So by a show of hands, who wants to play by Jackpot?
(Matt and Erin raise their hands)
Host: I'm sorry Eric, but majority rules. We are now playing a game of jackpot. The Jackpot is currently $11,000, and that's final. Now let me explain to you the game.
Erin: Finally
Host: (Laughs) Well now that you've been drinking and eating for an hour, you probably just want to rest, right?
Eric: Exactly
Host: Well that's too bad, because you're now playing a game of endurance. You need to stay on that platform that you are on longer than anyone else. If you manage to be the last man standing, then you win the 11 Grand. If you step off, you lose. You must be standing, you may not sit on it.
Matt: Okay
Host: But of course, we are playing for lot of money, and it can't be THAT easy, now can it
: I knew it
Host: (laughs) Let me bring in the final part of this game. Say hello to these ghosts that left the house early (Austin, Dustin, Lisa, Jude, and Sara enter)
(Erin's jaw drops as she sees Sara)
Host: The name of the game is "Sticks and Stones" In this game, theses former players will be throwing sticks and stones at you, to try to get you off your platforms…
Erin: What!
Host: … Metaphorically speaking, that is. After each person throws their sticks and stones, you will have ten minutes of quiet time to reflect on what they said. Let's start with Austin, who left the game week one.

(Austin steps up)
Austin: Hey guys. I bet you didn't expect to see me this soon. Probably never in your life again. Well, I don't have much to say about you guys, because I only knew you guys for about a week, and you all seem like nice people. I think this game is pretty cool, the only thing I don't like about it is that it's not mobile. You three were the ones with the most money when I left, and you guys are the three that are left. Nothing's changed, and no matter how hard someone tried to get one of you guys out, they were obviously unsuccessful. You guys played a great game, most of it was luck, I have to admit, but congrats on getting here. And good luck at this, because some of these people have nothing good to say.
Host: Thanks Austin
Austin: Sure (Austin exits) 
(Characters meditate for ten minutes)

Host: Okay, Dustin is next
Dustin: (Dustin enters) 'Sup Kiddoes. It's all good here, I have nuth'n negative to say, but I want to say something to each of you. Matt, and Eric, you are the man times two. You guys are funny and entertaining, good friends of mine, but you guys come together, you're like twins or somethin'. An' Erin, you're not only a cute girl, but you're nice and you're smart, so I gotta give you props. So yeah, that's about it
Host: Thank you Dustin
Dustin: Alright. Peace and loves. 
(Dustin exits and characters meditate for ten minutes)
Matt: Dustin's a nice guy, I'm sad he left so early
Eric: Yeah
Erin: So far, everyone's been nice, I think that the point is for us to feel guilty.. (laughs)
Matt: The only guilt I have is eating so much
Erin: I know! Seriously! I still feel pretty bad, and I gotta pee so bad!

(Lisa Enters)
Host: Lisa?
Lisa: Hey Guys. I'm gonna make this quick. Matt and Eric, y'all are like Sam'n'eric from Lord of the Flies. I think everyone's said this, but you guys don't ever leave each other, so it'll be weird if one of you goes. Same with me and Jude, we were best buddies, and after I left, she was next. Anyways, the only thing I have against you two was that y'all are a bit selfish. Whenever I was desperate for money, the two of you would never budge. It got you far in the game, so be it. I aint mad. But then there's Erin. You were kinda selfish yourself too, if I must say. I always knew you were up to no good, and I always warned Jude about you. You're smart, but in a wicked way, hear me out. Those two (points at Matt and Eric) are here because they are two honest men. You are here because you're a wicked witch. I mean, look at me. There are other ways to play this game. You obviously thought… "Oh I'm not here to make friends, I'll never see them again," which is foolish, because you might not see them again, but they'll always be in your mind. The things you did can never be erased. Just to let you know. (Lisa exits)
Host: Thank you Lisa. Guys have ten minutes to think about what she said
(Characters think)
Erin: If she's trying to make me feel guilty, whatever. It's not working.
Matt: Ouch, she was a little mean to you
Erin: Sticks and Stones can break my bones…
Eric: Man, I gotta pee!
Matt: I think we all do
(ten minutes pass, and Jude enters)
Erin: (gulp) Hi Jude
Jude: Hello. Matt, Eric… Erin. You guys are probably just dying to leave, but I'm glad you guys all stayed up there for me. Makes me feel kinda special. Thank you all for loving me, I really liked that you treated me like a queen. BUT… I have more to say… about Erin. Yes, Erin. Let's start from day one. You told me to be careful of, well, almost everyone. But, the person I really had to be careful of was you. Then, you pretended to be my friend. You told me what everyone said about me… but then you went to them and said what I told you about them. You tried to be everyone's friend, but I guess it backfired, because now you have none. (Erin gives a guilty look) You may say, oh they're just people, but that's what we are. We all have feelings, and I'm not so sad that I left the game, but I'm sad that I was foolish enough to consider you a friend. I trusted you Erin, I really did. And when I found out, I was just dying inside. Sara, I blame for getting me outta here, but she would never have even thought of that plan if you weren't constantly behind her telling her what to do. Yeah you're smart, yeah you're good at this. You're just perfect for this game, aren't you. (a tear falls from Erin's eye) believe me, it hurts to say this, but it has to be said. You betrayed me in order to keep Sara in the house if I recall correctly. Well then, please tell me how you got Sara to leave empty handed. It was you. That was the ultimate act of greed in my opinion. That's all I have to say. (Jude exits)
(Erin starts crying hard)
Matt: It's okay Erin, don't mind her
Eric: Yah, it's no big deal
Erin: I'm such a b---!
(Characters wait for ten minutes)
Erin: (sniffs) Gosh!
(Sara enters)
Host: Sara is the last person to chat.
(Sara comes to the center)
Sara: Hey guys. What up! (laughs) Okay, I overheard the other guys talking, and it sucks that everyone's targeting Erin (Erin gives a chuckle) It's only sad because I'm going to do the same. Matt'n'Eric, you guys rock, either of you should win, hands down. I'm rootin' for ya. Now, Erin. You're a confusing woman. You were always my friend, but you betrayed me in the end. Now I may not be a smart girl, and it's easy to see that my emotions can change very quickly. You saw that in me, Erin. You knew that that was my weakness. But instead of helping me, you took advantage of me. You made me give you not just some, but ALL of my money! You made me think that my conscience would be set free if I left the game, and I was so dumb I actually believed you! And I gave up this magnificent house for that! Erin, you don't keep your word, you're some kind of hypocrite. I must say. The day after I left, I kept regretting it, because I could have had a 1/3 chance of winning this house that I absolutely love! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have betrayed Jude, and I wouldn't have anything to be guilty about. But YOU! Uggh! (Sara begins to cry a little) Why do I always cry! Uggh! Well, Erin… it comes down to this. I am willing to forgive you for everything, and you will have your conscience cleared, if it makes you happy. Would you want that
Erin: (Crying a little) yes, I would.
Sara: Okay, but it's not going to be for free, because in Monopoly, nothing is free. Are you truly sorry for what you did in this game?
Erin: Yeah. I swear.
Sara: Then to prove that you are truly sorry and that you want your conscience cleared, you're going to step down of that platform
Erin: (Erin's jaw drops) What? You're crazy.
Sara: (sigh of disappointment)I knew you wouldn't.
Erin: Sara, there are other ways to say sorry than this! I would take back everything I did in this game, but I don't want to give up after I've gone this far. If I step down, I'm giving up the house!
Sara: Yeah, not everyone gets that opportunity. Whatever Erin, I knew you wouldn't. that's the person I knew you were.
Erin: (sniffs) Sara, wait. I… I… (Erin starts to sob)
Sara: Yes?
Erin: I'm going to step down. (Erin slowly steps down reluctantly) This is for you, Sara. An honorable woman.
Sara: (Smiles) I forgive you Erin
(Erin exits and slams the door)
Sara: Wow, I didn't think that was going to work
Matt: yeah I know
Host: Okay, now it's down to Matt and Eric. Whoever remains standing will win the jackpot money.

Erin's Confessional: (Sobbing uncontrollably) This is just great! I had it going the whole time, I had so much momentum and I wasn't going to lose. I got so far, and I played the best game, and I could have easily taken the jackpot. Lisa and Jude were both dull, they didn't really scare me, but what Sara said just tugged my heart for the first time! I don't know, it's just something I don't usually do, and I think they're going to see it as a sign of weakness.

Host: You guys still feeling the pain from all the food?
Matt: Not really the food anymore, just the water!
Eric: Yeah, all that water
Host: Well, one of you is going to be rich, so hang in there.

(Erin enters the living room)
Erin: (in a fit) What the hell is wrong with me! (tears down curtains) Why did I do it! (pours a glass of wine and spills over the table) this game has made me crazy! (tries to drink glass but keeps shaking and spilling over her clothes) Oh Erin! You just gave up your dreams! Your fortune! All for nothing! (throws glass of wine into the fish tank)
Erin's Confessional: I'm mad because I am such a good player, and out of a gut feeling, I just gave it all away. My actions really came back to bite me in the butt.
(fishtank slowly turns red)
(Erin continues to sob on the floor, wrapped in the curtains. Erin slowly gets up and fills a bowl with water, putting two fish in it. The other fish floats to the top in the red water, resembling blood.)

(Eric and Matt continue to play game)
Matt: I wonder what's going on with Erin
Eric: Beats me
Matt: At least she got to pee.
(host laughs)
(two hours pass)
Matt: I'm feeling sleepy
Eric: Me too (yawns and stretches)
Host: it's been two hours now (Eric crouches down unintentionally) Eric!
Eric: yeah!
Host: NO sitting down!
Eric: Oh, shoot
Host: Matt has won the jackpot!
Eric: Ahh… oh well. Congrats man (gives Matt a handshake)
Host: You're a rich man (hands chest to Matt)
Matt: Thank you
Host: Okay, I'll see you guys tomorrow. It's quite obvious where you guys stand in the game now,  but as we've seen from deals and promises, nothing is certain until elimination day. Well, Elimination Day is tomorrow, so if you would please remind Erin
Matt: Sure
Host: Good luck to you both.
(Host exits)

Monday, Elimination Day
: Welcome everybody.
Matt: Hey ya
Host: This is a first. It's the first time Elimination Day is held on a Monday. As you already know, nothing is a given anymore, and everything has changed. In a few short moments, the final two will be revealed. Congratulations to Matt, who won the hefty $11,000 jackpot. Now I'm not going to drag this out, so let's start with first place. If it's not obvious enough, it's Matt, with $18,251, a large number I must say
Matt: (smiles) Thanks (slides over and gives Erin a hug)
Host: And second place, with $8,533 is Eric
Eric: Thanks (slides over and kisses Erin on the cheek)
Host: And Erin has nothing. Did you just forget to turn in your money with everything going on?
Erin: I closed the door and didn't want to talk to anyone, so I didn't get the chance to, but I have about three hundred bucks in my wallet underneath my pillow, so if anyone wants it, go ahead.
Host: Erin, because you had the least number of votes, you are eliminated from the game. Would you like to say anything before you leave?
Erin: I think I've said much in this game, and I don't have anything else to say
Host: Okay Erin. It's been a pleasure having you, good luck in all your future endeavors (Erin exits)

Host: Well… Matt, Eric… Congratulations on being the final two! Did you expect this?
Matt: Well, everyone had a scheme going on, and we were always the silent ones, and I think that's how we got here
Eric: Yeah, a lot of underground work
Host: Anyone surprised at what Erin did?
Matt: Definitely surprised. That's not the Erin I know, but I'm glad she finally came to her senses
Eric: totally bizarre, man.
Host: Anything that the former players said that stuck in your mind?
Matt: Just what Sara said really made me think, everything she said was pretty true.
Host: Matt, do you think you are going to win because you have the money now?
Matt: It's a huge advantage, but I don't know how money's gonna play out in the end
Host: Eric?
Eric: I may finish second just because I lost that challenge, but Matt's a good man, and he deserves the house.
Host: Expecting anything these next days?
Eric: Heck no! 
Host: Good that you're thinking that way. So, let me tell you a little about the next days. I'm going to be very vague. There will be one winner.