ACT VII: Finale

Tuesday, Day 39

(Matt and Eric sit at the coffee table, drinking coffee)
Eric: Dude, we are so far, I can't believe it
Matt: I know, I can't wait, and I can't believe the two of us made it this far, throughout all the odds.
Eric: Definitely well worth it.

Matt's Confessional: This adventure was well worth it. Not only do I thrive on competition, but I met a lot of great people and just had a blast. And Eric's the best person to go all the way with. I'd be so happy if he won

Eric's Confessional: This was awesome, and I'm so thrilled that I'm final two! I love this house and I'm not prepared to leave. Maybe I wont have to
(Host comes in)
Host: Hey guys
Matt: Hey
Host: I hope you weren't in the middle of something, because I'm going to end that.
Matt: Sure
Eric: We just woke up
Host: Follow me
(Host brings Eric and Matt to the dining room)
Host: Take a seat
(Matt and Eric take a seat)
Host: I know you guys aren't stupid, and you probably already know why there are six other chairs here. Come on in guys
(The past contestants enter and take their seats)
Host: Like I said, there's nothing in this game that's for sure. This is an example of it. I'll tell you one thing. This is your last day in the house
(Eric's jaw drops)
Host: And just like you were all here to eat the first day, you will all be here to eat the last day, courtesy of either Eric or Matt. It's going to be one of yours, and fate will decide. Have a nice breakfast. You will have exactly one hour. After that, it's over.
(Host leaves)
Austin's Confessional: Matt and Eric are cool people, and I'm so glad that one of them is going to win this. They are awesome, so I can't wait.

Dustin's Confessional: Go Matt and Eric! Right on my brothers (laughs)

Lisa's Confessional: Honestly, Matt and Eric have been best of buddies, so I don't know which one is better, cuz they're so damn alike. If it's gotta be one of them, I'd say Matt, but I don't mind Eric either.

Jude's Confessional: No one in this game deserves the house. It's tainted! Matt and Eric are probably the best people in this game, and may seem worthy or deserving… but I don't think so. Anyone with a conscience would turn this house down, and I'm so proud of Erin for doing so.

Sara's Confessional: Matt, Eric, Matt, Eric… I could care less. I'm still pissed that it's not me there!

Erin's Confessional: Matt and Eric… that's what I keep hearing. No offense, but they make lousy winners. They're BORING! (laughs) They have no game plan or anything, they just seem to have made it by luck… and they're identical which makes it worse! I always thought I should win, and based on my game, I should have won. I'd even prefer Jude or Sara to these knuckleheads. (laughs) No really, they don't deserve it.

(host enters)
Host: Hey guys, I hope you had a great last meal together. If the contestants that are out of this game would please stand up.
(Characters stand up)
Matt and Eric, I'll be right with you. Everyone else, would you please follow me.
(Characters follow Host into Monopoly room)
Host: This place brings back memories, I'm sure. This is where you were every elimination day, turning in your money to the bank. Well, I'm sure glad we kept that money. When you exited the game, you all had a certain amount of money, even the one dollar that you had, Sara. (Sara laughs) That money will play a role in this last activity. You will all go to the bank tellers here and give a certain amount to either Matt or Eric. If you like one, you can give it all to him. If you can't decide, do 50/50. It doesn't matter. But you may not talk to one another, and I'd like to ask you guys to please do it now
(Characters look surprised, but distribute their money to the bankers, after thinking)
(Characters seem puzzled and think for about ten minutes)
(Erin, the last person, turns in her money)
Host: And the winner is in the hands of you. There is nothing more that they can do now. If you would please wait with them in the dining room
(Characters go into the dining room)

Host: Eric and Matt. What you didn't know was that these friends of yours have decided your fate in this game. They were asked to give money to either one of you. At this point, the money in your wallets is void, and has no effect on the game. In a few minutes, the winner will be determined. (Eric and Matt both look surprised). So please wait patiently, and the results will be delivered quickly.

(Characters wait in suspense and patience)


According to his virtue let us use him,
With all respect and rites of burial.
Within my tent his bones to-night shall lie,
Most like a soldier, order'd honourably.
So call the field to rest; and let's away,
To part the glories of this happy day.


(Host enters)
Host: I have the results
(Characters wait in suspense, waiting around Matt and Eric at the table)
Host: I must say, it was a close race. The winner has won by a few hundred dollars
(Eric and Matt look around and smile)
Host: So let me reveal the results. The winner of Monopoly gets the entire house.
(Eric and Matt hold hands with the rest of the characters)
Host: The winner is…

Host: Matt!
(Matt gets out of his chair and jumps up and down. Eric gets up and gives him a hug)
Host: Congratulations Matt
Matt: Oh My Gosh!
(Characters run to congratulate Matt. Matt gives everyone a hug)

(Scene fades)

In the end, the good guys die and the bad guys die. In the midst of scheming and plotting, the people who didn't do anything were the ones who pulled through.