Chapter 20: The Rebirth of a Great Queen

Maia cried and cried. She had failed her sister. After all of this time, she had come to realize that her journey had been in vain. Nothing mattered anymore. She just wanted her sister back.
Suddenly, the dark sky began to rain tears. Tears of the spirits. The spirits were now at peace, yet why were they crying? A tear splashed onto one of Gemma's eyes and she opened them. She was alive!
"Gemma?" asked Maia, thinking that this was all too good to be true.
"Maia? What happened?" she asked.
Maia hugged her close. "That doesn't matter. Everything will be all right now."
Miguel, Jonas, and Karena approached them with smiles on their faces. They knew that Maia was happy once again, and hopefully, this time, it would last forever.

Dear Diary,

Ever since my last entry, my life has forever changed. Helena was destroyed, I ended up here on the planet Syria, I made new friends, fell in love, became a Queen, and managed to purify the Rapture.
After witnessing life and death, I now reside in a lovely kingdom identical to my home in Helena. I used to be the Queen of Virtua, but I passed my place over to my most trusted advisor, Tyrece. He will do splendidly there.
In my new kingdom which I named Helena, my little sister, Gemma and I live life like we would have back home. Many have moved here from around the world. I even saw the twins, Kevin and Kaden. Of course I welcomed them with open arms.
Over a matter of weeks, everything was steady, not to mention Jonas and Karena's relationship. He had asked her to marry him, and of course, she accepted. The wedding took place a mere three days later! I married them. It was a lovely experience. Gemma looked so cute in her elegant little bridesmaid gown.
During the reception, I approached Miguel. I did not even have to ask, for he took me to the dance floor on his own and began to dance with me. Then.he kissed me, for the first time. It was a night to remember.
The day after that, Gemma and I went outside and freed Purity, the bird Queen Julia-Anne had passed down to me for luck after she died. We did not need any luck now, for we all had each other.

In loving memory of Rico,

Maia, Queen of Helena

The End