Chapter 1 - Almost invisible

Jessica was a Nobody. She had no social life, no good clothes, no good music, basically no anything. Everyone at school hated her and people stared at her wherever she went. She hated school. All the whispering, the sniggers, the looks, it scared her. She was totally depressed.

It was 9:30am and Sheila was coming down the corridor on the way to art class. As she was walking she crashed into 'Nobody'. "Hey Bitch, watch it." She sneered angrily. "Oh, I…I'm sorry, Sheila" Jessica bent down and began to pick up Sheila's art books and her paints and stuff. "Excuse me?" Sheila hissed, "What are you doing?" Jessica replied quickly, stumbling over her words " I…I'm j…j…just picking up your stuff." Angry-Sheila yelled, "Get your filthy hands of my stuff, you disgusting NOBODY! And in part of this conversation you called me Sheila. You are below me and unworthy of using my name!" She then whispered, "Get it?" In tears Jessica replied, haltingly, "Yes, I get it.".

Jessica hadn't been at the school long, only a couple of weeks. It was worse than any of her old schools, she found. Quickly she hurried into the art room, sitting as far away from Sheila as she could. Before long Miss Kenner set them some work in which they had to draw a picture of anything they wanted. She drew a baby, being cradled by its mother. The mother was in tears and on the last bit of paper she did a door slamming shut and a man holding a bottle of beer disappearing down the street. Miss Kenner collected in the sheets just as the bell rang. To other people she gave remarks like "Very good" or "Excellent" to Sheila she said nothing. Ignoring her, as usual.

Next period was break. Jessica went to buy a piece of pizza and some crisps, but when her turn came to pay the dinner lady completely ignored her. 'Oh well' she thought 'At least I get a free snack.' Then it was Chemistry, which she was really good at, in the test she got full marks and when asked who got full marks was one of two people to pup up their hands. Miss Hay congratulated the other person, but not her. 'It's almost like I'm… invisible' she thought.