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~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~

A light wind made it's way across the lush, green land; nearly lingering and seeming to dance with the sparkling surface of the lake nearby- causing tiny ripples, and waves to be cast off from this inviting element. 

It was spring, so tiny buds and flowers were beginning to make their yearly presence to the newly melted world before them.  It was sunny- rays of gold warming this sacred place, as the sounds of the day could be heard throughout the landscape.

Placed contently upon the still damp grass, was a beautiful, young maiden.  She lay with her pretty eyes closed; obviously had fallen asleep amongst this golden sanctuary- locks of jet black swaying with the slight breeze, once in a while brushing her pale cheek- but the lady not even being affected by all this.

The sun danced upon her features, as a slight smile made it's way across her frost pink lips.  She had loved it here.  It was one of the only places where she could be in True Form, without having to worry about anyone finding out about her, and trying to end her eternal life.

Aside from her silken dress, were two pairs of shimmering, white, feathered wings.  They lay spread out upon her back- glistening in the sun, as black sunshades concealed this creature's closed eyes.  She seemed to be in a state of bliss, not caring who saw them right now- just basking in the sweet, little world she was lost in.

It felt a slight wind pic up, as a voice called from afar. 


The maiden opened her eyes; the world still darkened by the tinting of the shades.

The voice panted a bit, the sound of heels being clicked upon stepping stones being heard, before hitting the grass.  It paused in it's journey; fixing the ice blue, cashmere sweater it wore, and making it's way again to where the young lady was kicked back.

"Sweetie?"  it called once more.

The maiden sat up this time; shifting to it's left side and lifting up the shades, "Sam?" it spoke, squinting a bit at the sudden burst of sunlight that had made it's way to her pools of ocean blue.

The other woman smiled, melting at the young angel that lay before her, kneeling down and placing a soft kiss upon her locks of black.

"Well, there you are, Lovely.  I've been looking everywhere," she stated.

The other woman laughed a bit with a slight blush, "Yeah.  Sorry.  Guess I kinda- enjoyed this setting a little too much," she blushed.

"In other words, you ended up falling asleep again?"  Samantha smirked, gazing over at her wife.

"Yeah," Leona blanched, "My bad," she concluded.

Samantha laughed, "Don't be sorry.  It's perfectly all right.  It's been a long week anyway- we both deserve this."

Leona managed a chuckle, "I suppose.  Though, you're not the one defending this kingdom, missy," she spoke, poking her lover's nose with a wink.

Samantha busted up, breaking into a giggle fest as she seductively turned towards the love of her life, "That's true.  But I am the one that made your favorite dish for lunch," she smiled.

The angel nearly felt herself drool on the spot, "Don't tell me you made your-" she began, as the other woman nodded, "Pancakes.  Not just for breakfast anymore," she quoted, smirking and striking a pose.

Leona broke into laughter, "Well, if that's the case-" she began, standing up, "I say let's do this thing."

Samantha nodded, joining her, as the two girls slid their arms around each other's waists- heading inside to their two story chateau.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~  ~*~   ~*~  ~*~

The two women ate in silence- occasionally looking up and smiling at one another; both grateful for this day, and the moment that they were sharing.

Once they had ate lunch; they cleared the table- placing the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and cleaning up the little mess that they had made rinsing off the dishes.  After all, water fights were essential in a case like this.

When everything had been put away, and done- and all of the electric appliances shut down; the two women headed out for an afternoon stroll by the lake- hand in hand- not caring about what any others would think.  Just the two of them wandering in silence; but their eyes telling all.

~*~   ~*~   ~*~   ~*~  ~*~   ~*~ 

Spring was now nearly at an end.  It was summer, and by now- the lush landscape was now in full bloom.  Sounds of kids splashing and boats passing in the waters could be heard from the chateau, as two women entered the doorway; their arms still wrapped around one another.

The blonde one sighed, taking her place upon the couch, "Man, I still can't believe it, sweetie.  Number one in the Rolling Stone," she stated, gazing at the magazine she held in her hands.

The other one looked over, nodding a bit with a shrug, "I guess they were right about it happening; but you're the one I have to thank for it.  I mean, for kicking my ass when I wanted to quit the band altogether," she added.

The blonde lady scoffed, "Now, shush.  You know that was all you, Leona.  You, Jessie, Nick, Bobby, and Mel.  All of you guys.  I had nothing to do with it," Samantha responded.

"Not in your eyes anyway," Leona intervened.

Samantha only smirked.  She decided to give up.  She wasn't about to win this one, and she knew it.

"Now to convince Zoicite to join," she spoke once again.

Leona felt herself laugh warmly, "The only way that's gonna happen is if we do a lot of convincing.  I mean, he's got a great voice- but he's shy on the stage."

"Well, so were you; but then what happened?  You wound up doing the lead vocals.  Not to mention, becoming really great on guitar," Samantha cut in.

"You have a point," Leona began, bringing the silver case towards her lap, "I do play a pretty mean love song."

Samantha cracked up, "Hey, there's no one else that plays 'November Rain' any better than my wife over here," she bragged.

Leona shook her head, "Enough with the lying already."

Samantha frowned, "Just for downing yourself like that- I'm gonna make you play for me."

Leona went puzzled, "Play?  What do you mean?"

Samantha nuzzled into her wife's shoulder, "I want you to play something for me.  And sing."

"But, I'm not plugged in.  And this doesn't sound very good when it's just-" Leona began before Samantha cut her off with a gentle kiss to her lips.

The black-haired woman went silent. 

She smiled, unlocking the case and pulling out her glacier white and silver guitar, grabbing her black guitar pic- tossing the strap over her left shoulder, and lightly strumming a few keys- to test it out. 

Samantha repositioned herself- sitting cross-legged and fixing her attention onto the woman she loved. 

Leona cleared her throat a bit, messing around with a few notes, as a song came to her.  She strummed the first few lines; the normally electric guitar giving off a warm, soothing, almost acoustic sound, as her voice soon joined in with the music:

…"When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darlin' when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same

'Cause nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

We've been through this such a long, long time
Just tryin' to kill the pain

But lovers always come and lovers always go
An no one's really sure who's lettin' go today
Walking away

If we could take the time
to lay it on the line
I could rest my head
Just knowin' that you were mine
All mine
So if you want to love me
then darlin' don't refrain
Or I'll just end up walkin'
In the cold November rain…

Samantha felt a smile come to her, listening on as she kicked back onto the couch.  As her wife sang the final notes of the song, the blonde woman swore she heard the tapping of fresh raindrops upon the window pane.

~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~

The season dragged on; July making it's way into the night, as silvery moonlight cast many glowing rays onto the melted land.  From the gravel driveway, walked a figure.  Tears of pain laced it's pretty eyes, as it eventually rang the bell.

Another stepped out- her wife at work, as she saw her best friend in this emotional state.  The cause?  His own love running off with another.  One hug, one comfort- leading to assurance and sacred promises of eternal friendship.

A friendship- swept into a plunging spiral by one innocent kiss.  One not even meant to lead to anything; but alas, leading to one heat of the moment.  It is true the guy was gay, but he had wished to try it with a girl- just to secure what he truly was.

The two friends lay naked; holding each other in their arms- tears of pain no longer being shed from the gorgeous, blue-haired man; but rather- a sense of warmth that he had longed for ever since the one he loved had left him.

The female; locks of jet black clinging to her body- the blankets draped over her feminine curves; blue eyes in reflection, but also satisfaction, as she lets herself sink into the sea of royal blue hair that surrounds her. 

The two friends had fallen asleep; tired from their night of passion; their arms draped contently around one another- a slight, summer breeze wrapping around them, luring them deeper into the world of dreams that had suddenly consumed them.

So much- that they did not sense the other party that had entered the room- a black purse in it's right hand; the string draped over it's shoulder- blonde, wavy locks swaying with the breeze from the fan, and the outside- sky blue eyes fixed in total shock at the couple asleep in the queen-sized featherbed.

A lone tear slides down her face, whimpering softly, and bringing her gaze to the floor- feeling herself collapse onto it- but not awakening the two in the bed from all this; bringing her knees to her chest- sobbing into the arms of her silken, purple, dress.

Tears of pain, anguish, and guilt.  Pain for what she is seeing, anguish for the lies her wife had said.  All about eternal love; and guilt- for not giving the blonde all that she had wanted and longed for in their marriage.

Grabbing a nearby paper and pen, the other woman began to write:

…'Nothing lasts forever…And we both know hearts can change…And it's hard to hold a candle…In the cold November rain'…

She signed it, 'I'm sorry,' and left; only a drop of a freshly fallen tear in place of her name.

She sniffled one final time, setting the paper by her side of the bed- the side where she used to lay. The side where now her former ally and wife were residing. 

She said nothing, slipping away into the blackened night, leaving only a tear, and a broken dream.

~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~

It had now been two months- autumn making it's way to this once lush and beautiful landscape- weaving in leaves of all sorts of shapes and colors.  Orange, brown, red, yellow, and even green.  Mere aftermaths of what once held lively beauty.  One leftover remains of green fields, and deep, blue skies.

Drops of gold still shined down upon the land- but the heart of the black-haired maiden lay still- numb and silent.  Her wife had left her.  All for one night of not thinking clearly; and the man she had grown to love- she had parted ways with- knowing that he could never truly be happy with a girl. 

He was gay; and she had just then realized that their one month relationship- had only made him sink into depression.  All because she was not born a male.

Now she was alone.  Without someone to hold and cuddle; on her own underneath this bright, autumn sky. 

She returned to her beloved field of green- the lake still casting it's calm ripples upon the shore; but the trees stripped of their leafy cloaks; now just tattered exteriors of what were once full and growing with life.

She had been broken from an afternoon sleep; but this time not by a sweet word, or a gentle kiss from her beloved Sam; but this time, by those that had once called themselves her allies.

Their eyes were filled with anger and disbelief- dragging the maiden off to a great palace; where the head angel resided- the one that held the power to make or break someone.

The Queen grew teary as she spoke to the black-haired lady- not believing her eyes as to what had gone on; and what she had been seeing.  She spoke of once being so pure; so immaculate, and so loyal and loved; and to what she had now become- a mere shadow, and strand of what she once was. 

A traitor to all that knew her and once loved her.  All for that one night, and for as well- as her many, many past marriages.  They condemned her for being restless; for not being able to settle for just one person. 

She was called 'slutty,'  'worthless,' even though she truly wasn't any of these things- and sentenced to exile by the woman that she had considered to be her second mother.

They took away her magic; her ability to protect and fight for the Light Kingdom- giving her job as the team leader to her last ex husband- him only shaking his head- his own pretty eyes pleading to know why, and how she could, and had done such a thing.

A piercing, heart-wrenching gasp, and scream brought her back to reality- a loud and sickening rip and tear being heard from behind her- red blood trickling down her back, soaking what was once her white, v-neck dress. 

The ripping from her chest was felt, causing the lady to groan in pain once more- the Queen holding what was once her heart crystal in her hands- the sphere losing it's sparkle, and changing to just a mere, jagged glass in her hands.

The lady brought her right, gloved hand to where the rip had taken place- gasping in horror at what she had just felt.  As what normally would be white, beautiful, feathered, angel wings- were blank and empty now spaces of air. 

She brought her gaze to beside her- two now tattered and torn angel wings lying upon the white, marble floor- drenched in crimson blood, as the young lady felt tears start to run down her sweet face.

She did not seem to notice when they took back her crystal prism wand; the Queen chanting some ancient, Celestial words- and a black abyss of light surrounding her own body. 

Pushing this light towards the angel, she shouted out her punishment for the crime she had committed.  For betraying what she had once called 'home', and who she had once called 'friends.'

She was placed into a curse.  A dark and wicked curse, for so she would never commit what she had done before again.  So she would never break another heart, or hurt another soul with her once-restlessness.

For if she were to find a love- or anyone she felt attracted to; then a cruel and horrid dark side would emerge- inflicting pain unto herself- and emotional abuse to the other. 

She would never again know the feeling of a true love's kiss; a cuddle; a sweet whisper.  All taken from her because of that one, last, final straw.

She was a lost soul. 

A wingless, exiled angel.  Cast aside, and fallen.  No longer cared for by anyone there.  No longer loved.  Not even by her three, beautiful children.

She was sent away from the kingdom; ordered to be killed at once, if she were to ever make a return.  They sent her away to the planet Earth; leaving her to die.  Weak and without barely any magic. 

She had walked for days, each hour seeming to weaken the cursed maiden, slowly dampening her hopes for ever finding forgiveness- and even happiness. 

She carried the pain of her wings being taken- eventually the gashes beginning to seal up into deep, ugly scars- the lady being ashamed, and having to cover them up with the outfit she wore.

She found herself a lone spot in the woods; feeling the last of her strength leave her- sighing as she let herself collapse onto the cold grass- exhausted and worn out; falling into a deepened, well-needed sleep.

~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~ 

The woman felt something cool, and almost soothing brushing up against her pale features, lightly bringing her to the state of awakening, a dimmed light, and the sound of another's breathing, her savior.

She opened her eyes, jolting up a bit, cringing and placing a hand upon her upper back- feeling that it had been wrapped with some soft bandages- sensing that the gashes still were not totally healed.

"Hey, take it easy, sweetheart.  I won't hurt you, I promise," a soothing, female voice being heard amongst the dimmed.

The former angel met a pair of bright, violet eyes, "Who-who are you?" she got out, her soft voice shaking with fear.

"I'm Pearl Solarus.  I found you out in the woods.  I'm here to watch over you," the other female spoke, brushing the tan facecloth along the side of her right cheek once more.

The angel gazed into them, "I-I'm Leona Carlton," she managed to get out.

Pearl smiled, her locks of powder blue falling to her mid-back, as she again caressed the angel with her facecloth, "Pretty name.  And no need to worry, Leona.  There is no need to be afraid.  I'm here to watch over you.  I'll always be there for you-"

The angel saw sincerity.  A look of trust and honesty as she nodded- soon feeling herself sigh- letting herself fall back into a peaceful sleep.

~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~

Three-hundred years had passed; and Leona could remember that day well.  Being cast away, having what she loved taken from her; and meeting the mysterious Pearl.

Was she her guardian angel?

The former angel herself had always questioned so.  Pearl was still around; and she had showed her new friend to a place where she could be accepted- and welcomed into.  And trusting her judgment, Leona followed suit.

But there was another.  A place she had once loved, but had been banished from all that time ago.  The law was: if she had returned: she was to be killed by execution.  That is, if she showed up- and people knew.

But the dark-haired maiden still returned.  Cloaked in disguise, and lurking in the shadows.  She would watch the changes go on.  Things had been so different back then- that the improvements and upgrades brought to this kingdom blew her mind out of the water.

The Queen- her second mother, had long-retired; leaving the kingdom to a good friend- Leona's own daughters not wishing to run things- as they wished to lead a normal life- and not be one of royalty.

That's right, Leona herself was a princess.  She had not admitted it to anyone, as she did not want to be treated any different than a commoner.  She wished to be one of them- and one of them she always had been.  At least, up until her final day as a resident.

That she had to smile at.  Her son and daughter had been using what they were taught.  To never think of yourself as higher than anyone else- that we are all equal, and connected together in some form, or matter. 

That did give the fallen angel some assurance- knowing that even without her there; her children still were using what she had always taught them growing up.  She had to smile at this; something she rarely ever did anymore, now that everything had been placed upon her.

And if she did manage a smile- it was only a cover-up for the pain in her heart.  She did not shed tears.  At least not in public, that is.  Only by herself, with the dark of night surrounding her very form.

Her gashes had fully healed by now- but still leaving the deepened, pink and tan scars upon her back- and one tiny aftermath of a slit upon the left-hand part of her chest- where her crystal used to be, and where it had been ripped away like the wings themselves.

She shifted a bit against the tree she leaned on- focusing on the city lights, and marble buildings that surrounded the great city- now called 'The Silver Abyss.'  But to Leona; it would always be 'The Light Kingdom.'

She frowned a bit, remembering the Black Abyss that had taken the lives of so many all those years ago.  She sighed a bit, giving a silent salute, and respect to the sky- honoring the memories of those that fought to protect the kingdom she once, and still loved- and had lost their eternal lives doing so.

But she had to admit, the couple that now ran the kingdom were doing well.  She had liked how they had allied the angels and devils after so many years of fighting and taking the lives of one another.  That she had to respect the two for. 

But that did not mean that the dark forces were defeated.  There were to be many more years of trying to protect all that everyone had worked for; and apart of her was saddened that she could no longer be apart of defending it.

She pulled the strings to her hooded robe tighter, sighing a bit, and turning away- leaving behind all the memories, all the good times she had shared with so many in that city- returning to her own new home, to meet up with Pearl for a friend's night in.

The clicking of her heels could be heard from where she stood, the young woman making her way back towards her home like a ghost gliding ever so gracefully across a room itself.

It was the exact night that she had been cast away.  Mid-November.  She remembered it well.  Almost too well sometimes.  It haunting her dreams, and being in the back of her mind- no matter how hard she tried to block it out.

She turned listless; distant, and unsure of who to trust.  Except Pearl.  Pearl had been the friend she needed through everything- and she began to look at her as an ally.

Leona walked on, feeling something wet brush up against the soft material of her black, hooded robe as she looked up- clouds of black blocking out what was once a crescent moon. 

A sweet, soothing noise caught her attention, as pitter-pattering soon was echoed amongst this serenade.  The gentle sound of November rain.

~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~

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