Their world is picture perfect
Their houses stand straight in lines
Their sky is always bright blue
A dark cloud you will never find
Their sun shines golden orange
And rainbows shine vibrant and clear
As early morning showers begin to disappear
Their children go to study and get perfect grades each time
Go through life successfully, dance through with internal rhyme.
The homes are filled with laughter , peace and harmony
Each child fits into the puzzle, achieves their destiny
But inside one of these houses looms a girl with hair of gold
She is mistaken for a Barbie doll , but her story is untold
Inside her is a hatred, it's brewing up a storm
But no one seems to notice how she is misinformed
Her bones are bound with shackles and she cannot break free
She must get past their roses and the eucalypti trees
She screams and yells for help until she can no more
But no one seems to hear her, in the midst of flawless melodic songs
Their world is picture perfect to the extent that it can be
But when will they all realize this world is not for me ?