It starts in your stomach,
Follows to your heart,
Rips out your soul,
Tears you apart,

It's the simplest thing,
Yet so hard to explain,
Its turns you on,
But is renowned to cause pain,

It's an infamous word,
We all want to hear,
It's a lover's reunion,
From soft crying tears,

Four letter is all that's needed,
To make a life time bond,
To sacrifice your heart,
Although no one is that bold,

It all starts with 'L'
'L' for Life,
A life time expectancy,
With or without strife,

Next comes 'O',
'O' for old,
No matter how the years pass,
It must be them you want to hold.

Then comes 'V',
'V' for valentine,
A way to show your love,
A way to forever bind,

Last as always the silent 'E',
'E' for ever,
Love isn't temporary,
Don't stop love, never.

Put them together,
And 'LOVE' is what you get,
It's the strongest emotion,
Our hearts aren't ready for it yet.

By Siobhan
Date: 27/Dec/2003