I shall go down with this ship,
I shall await for your return,
I do know you will come,
My heart shall ever yearn.

I do know you are on your way,
I can sense it whilst I dream,
You shant leave me to suffer,
I know you shall soon come to me.

Your touch is what I will for,
The look throughout your eyes,
Your soft kiss upon my lips,
We shall cease to say goodbye.

But throughout my soul I am left to roam,
My ship left long in the past,
And throughout the deserts of my mind,
There has been nothing such as vast.

You came with the fleet so long ago,
And here I am left to fend,
You're the one hope I have in my eyes,
But my eyes are fading, least defense.

My heart may still beat,
But all colours have departed,
When you left me alone,
My heart you have now mastered.

Although you hurt me,
I live for your heart,
Although you left me,
And tore me apart.

I shall go down with my ship,
My heart shall go on,
It doesn't matter know,
Whether you loved me or not.

I'm slipping away,
Forever into abyss,
I'd just like to say,
I shall go down with this ship.

By Siobhan
Date Finished: 28.Dec.2003

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-future reference