Never Letting Go.

Hours have passed, yet I don't know,
I've no proof or evidence to show,
So I hope that you remember,
That you promised me forever,
Although you're gone, I still believe,
I have more than hatred to perceive,
More than loneliness or disregard,
I differ from them blackened hearts,
To waste this life would be a sin,
A thought for nothing lies within,
There should be something good left here,
Something left to dry my tears,
And though there isn't, I'm still all right,
I believe in you like a star so bright.

I may be clich├ęd; I may be weak,
But still, I do think before I speak,
My words mean nothing beside their lies,
Everyday to them is a sacrifice,
A haunted shadow of hope that lived,
And died before anything could give,
Though my faith might seem futile,
It has kept me alive for all this while,
If my legs could not walk, eyes not see,
It would make no large difference to me,
Standing, like on a biting blade,
One step too far and I'd be dead,
Wraiths below with their wicked hands,
But I'll never give up while live I can.

Holding my hands in tight balled fists,
Trying to trust in my inner gist,
Though I know it might be too late,
I'll never know, dreams lies in fate,
A distant memory inside my mind,
I'll fight for what you died to find,
Yet it seems like a power too deep,
I know you're watching while I'm asleep,
Comfort lies in being aware,
That justice is not always fair,
And death is not always an end,
To live is to learn and to understand,
The meaning of all is hard to admit,
A candle in the wind is hard to be lit.

Although it may seem hard to be,
I know truth lies in you and me,
Since you left me alone in the world,
I saw cruel things and death unfurled,
I know that it will be more than a while,
Before I'm with you to see you smile,
But till then, I'll always remember you,
And your gift that you gave me, too,
The sight that could perceive more,
Than anyone could see before,
Holding on by the last remaining thread,
Trying not to walk too far ahead,
And still, if loving is too little to show,
If I could hold you, I'm never letting go.