No longer is my world filled with wishing stars
Or mysterious Martians coming from mars
Gentle giants no longer exist and toads
Don't turn into princes with a kiss

At night, at Christmas, Santa won't
Climb down my chimney and fairies
Can't sprinkle beautiful dust over everything bad
Intimidating, worrying, painful, scary

Stars are no longer as bright as they were
Witches don't fly past the moon anymore
Or make up potions that they continually stir
No longer do monsters live in the earth's core

Birds' song isn't so sweet as it once was
Ghosts no longer scare me wearing white sheets
Characters from books never come alive now
People aren't so nice as they used to be

For now my world is drowning in fear
There is no longer any safety here
Anger and sadness has settled hard
In this world clamped down by paranoia