I can't remember the feeling
Of being loved. I need healing.
I don't want to be so dark,
I never meant to leave my mark
On your life, I just wanted to be
A shadow, so you can't see me.

But I fell in too deep,
And got lost on the way.
Please, just let me get some sleep,
Let the hurt be kept at bay.

I can't take it, I won't believe it.
You'd rather have one you hate,
Than one you are so close to.
I want to be loved
To be happy, and in love with another.
But I guess that this dream won't come true.

Don't pity me; I don't have self-pity.
I've grown used to life in the city.
I'll work harder than the rest,
And I'll become the best of the best.

Then you'd see
And you'd cry a whole sea.

But, I grow weary
And I grow tired.
And on top of it all,
I just got fired.
I can't be on top,
If I'm not on at all.
Things can't be worse:
There's no place to fall.

It's been too long
And the feeling wears thin
I'm starting to not love you
Not so addicted anymore
I'm starting to heal
I can't let you control me
Because I must survive
For others as well

(Not for myself, though
I'd rather be six feet below).

The ice is starting to form
In my heart; it's the start of the storm.
All my emotions are drained out of my heart,
And I've lost all my love for art.

I'm frozen
Come melt my heart.