Flinching in the eyes of the beholder,
What is this I see in your gaze?
Faltering as you retreat,
All but a fleeting haze.

You flee before her stare,
Stepping back on the bloody terrace.
You've created this lie in me,
Why did you have to be so careless?

All I see is cloudy red,
The eye of the beholder is behind me.
You are scared of her,
Where now is your face, so full of glee?

Gone are the days of old.
The smiling face is replaced,
By an anger and slow deterioration.
The smile is completely erased.

The beholder takes no prisoners,
I am her death in waiting.
But your face holds me now,
It is the one thing with power of elating.

My walk is aligned with the black cape,
I cannot escape her grasp.
But there is no more fear in my eyes,
Even as my breath slows and I begin to gasp.

Your lie has caused a chain reaction.
Once angry, but now nothing.
Are you trying to speak to me?
Trying to save me? How touching...

I don't need you now,
I can't stand to hear you speak.
I have a new friend now,
She shows me my life's work, so bleak.

I laugh at your attempt to reach me,
But I am too far gone.
These are my last breaths,
Watch me now, hear my wish before long.

The black shadow looms closer,
She is here to claim my soul.
One last look in your direction,
Before she takes away her goal.