A New Year's Kiss
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on December 31st,which was New Year's
Eve,when a young man named Donny MacNear
Had walked into Times Square and joined the city
Dwellers in celibrating the New Year without any pity.
Then suddenly,true love had finally came to Donny MacNear.

She was a raven haired beauty from Wall Street type stock
Named Victoria Redblock,
Whose relationship with a lover had came to an end
And she had came to Times Square with her friends,
In order to help her get over her dating block.

As soon as his eyes had gotten a fix on her,
Donny had moved himself closer
To Victoria,looked at the glowing globe before it
Was to start its descent and asked,"You want to go sit
Down in a place that is warmer?"

And then,after she had realized that it would be a better
Idea to sit in a nice,warm room,Victoria had placed her
Hand on top of Donny's and said,"Yes,I do want to celebrate the New Year
In a room where the window is all the way clear
Of any frost."And at that moment,Victoria had found a new lover.

And then,after they had agreed not to tell
their friends where they were going,they both had gone to a hotel,
Checked themselves into a room and looked out of the window,
In order to watch the globe descend to its home base below.
"So.",said a smiling Donny."What is it that your family sells?"

After she had looked at Donny and gave her
Newfound sweetheart a smile,Victoria answered,"We sell newspapers."
"Really?",asked a curious Donny."Does your family own the New York Times?"
"Well,if we don't.",answered Victoria."Then,we'll really be guilty of a crime."

And then,after they had both let out a small bout of laughter,
Both Donny and Victoria had looked at each other
For about a minute or two and kissed ever so passionately on the lips.
And after he had placed his hands on her hips,
They had lowered themselves down to the floor and began to experience such erotic pleasure.

And while both Donny and Victoria were enjoying their sensual fulfillment,
The glowing globe has started its descent
Towards its home base on one of the city's many rooftops.
And after it had landed on its home base,all the champaign corks had been popped
And the screaming of the words "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" were heard in every settlement.

Meanwhile,back inside their hotel room,Donny had looked at Victoria and
Asked,"So,what do you want to do now?"And after she had took him by the hand,
A happy Victoria answered,"Now,I'll show you something that you won't be able to miss."
And at that moment,the two lovers share a New Year's kiss.

And so,a few months later,
Victoria had agreed to remain by Donny's side
By becoming his bride
And allowing the both of them to stay together--forever.