Amethystdawn: I'm not sure if this is a poem. I also know it has already
been several days after Christmas. But I just heard this message in church
last Saturday and I had this strong feeling that I want to share it with
all of you. So please read & review this work. Oh, and I want to give a
huge thank you to Rev. Huang, the one who shared this message to all of us
in church.
A/N: This is how I analyzed his message that night and made a little bit of
poetry; it's not the exact way he delivered it. But the part where it goes:
C is for Conversion, H is for Happiness, etc. That's what he told us.

The Meaning of Christmas
Based on: Matthew 2: 1-12
C is for Conversion
On the night the babe was born
The wise men came and saw
Little Jesus lying there in the manger
And they were filled with awe
The Messiah has finally come
But in this small pure form
They truly believed this was Christ
And converted from old to new
From wrong to right
Their lives would never be the same
H is for Happiness
When the 3 magi saw the star
They followed it with joy
Knowing this would lead them
To the prophesized Messiah
They've been waiting for
Their hearts were filled with bliss
When the star stopped in little Bethlehem
They knew what the prophet wrote
Has finally been fulfilled
There lying in the manger was Christ
The One who will save them all.
R is for Righteousness
The 3 wise men
Became righteous men
After seeing Him
They had been changed for eternity
They had accepted the truth
Christ had been born that night
And that's not just some silly lie
As for the rest of us
I do believe
When you accept Christ
You thirst for righteousness
And you don't act like a hypocrite
I is for Irresistible Grace
Who can resist a chance
To change from old to new?
All your sins are washed away
By His death on Calvary
Who can resist the heavenly grace
Given by God to men on earth
Through His only Son?
The 3 magi couldn't
After all there lied before them
Living proof of God's promise
To all men on earth
S is for Sanctification
Through His foretold death
As we all know
You will be cleansed
All your sins would be washed away
Making you pure once more
All you need to do
Is to believe in Him
Just like the wise men did
Believe with all your heart
With all your soul
And with all your mind
T is for Thankfulness
Thank the Lord up above
For His wonderful gift
Be thankful for Christ the Risen One
His major sacrifice on the cross
He cleansed us with it
Be thankful He rose from the dead
3 days after, showing He can overcome death
But be thankful most of all
For His humble beginning
Lying there on a manger bed
Born of the virgin's womb
Remember that He escaped
From King Herod's wrath
And so did the 3 wise men
Who were warned by the Holy Spirit
M is for a Meaningful Life
A meaningful life is given
To those who truly believe
There hearts & minds are at peace
Knowing they live each day for God
Knowing He loves them
As they love Him
Knowing they can enter Heaven
Because of His great sacrifice
A is for an Abundant Life
Blessings are given to those who believe
Their lives are filled with joy
They are satisfied with what they have
They don't ask for more
But blessings just keep on raining upon them
Each day they're thankful for these things.
S is for Service
When the 3 wise men came
To His tiny manger stall
They worshipped Him
And gave him gifts
Of frankincense, myrrh, and gold
They honored Him through this
And so shall we
By faith and prayer everyday.
Based on: Matthew 2: 1-12
Amethystdawn: I hope you keep this in mind, well not the whole poem. It's
pretty long. I mean what each letter stands for. Oh, and if you have time,
try to read the verse above. You'll understand it more. Don't forget to
review! ^_^