This is a collection of stories about 4 men whose lives are entangled to a greater or lesser degree. While it is meant to be humorous for the most part, the first chapter is serious. If you find it exceptionally odd or unintelligible, you should know that these characters have been sitting around in my head for a while (Uncle Albert for a long, long while) and there is a lot of background that I tried to explain in brief for part 3, but it will hopefully be explained in full later. Eventually a part about Uncle Albert will be written. It should be known that I didn't edit these pieces much, and most of them were written with little premeditated thought behind them. So if you don't like stream-of-consciousness writing go away now.

Reviews, especially constructive critics are always appreciated. While, this is mostly a project for my own amusement, and thus not as much effort as I might have put into it has been made for the part of the reader, I would still appreciate criticism.