Yes, I did rip off X-Japan for the last line. But can you blame me? This is something that has been floating around in my psyche (although I'm am mostly done with those emotions,) and while I'm probably blowing it out of proportion... well. Yes, I am blowing it out of proportion, so sue me (er don't really.) Beware the angst.

The Unwanted Guest

Every pained word she spoke I wrote in my heart She was beauty and despair And her smile could slay the demons in troubled soul I cried because I could not teach her to love

She feared to face the day Her heart was twisted and she wrapped herself in it Covered her beauty with a veil of self hatred

She was so alone even when I was by her side I wanted to tell her that she was beautiful But she would not believe my words For I would not divulge their hidden meaning

I wanted to make her smile And I wanted to touch her then But the bed was not big enough to let her hate lay in it as well And she would not kick out her unwanted guest I wanted to tell her self loathing to leave us be But I knew not the words

Time has gone on and I still think of her She still makes me weak Even if I am longing for her memory