I can't forget at you when I'm alone at night

In the days, I can believe that your love was so trite

That it didn't control me or keep me or make me stay

But at night, my mind races with all the things I should say

So I find myself writing such bad poetry

As I sit here and wonder if you really loved me.

I don't see you or talk to you that much anymore

It makes me wonder what it was we were fighting for

But I get it at last and I understand so I'll mend

You and I were great lovers so we can never be friends.

I loved you too much for you to stay in my life

Feelings so intense, like when you twisted the knife

We used to hurt each other so often there was nothing left to break

And then we'd kiss and we'd fuck until we forgot that we ached

We'd fight and we'd swear and we'd cuss and we'd curse

And we forgot who said what and what even came first

Remember I was so deep in love that it's you I now hate

And that you love me back and it's an uneven trade

I remember I have to love you to hate you like this

And I'll touch my lips and remember the spite in your kiss

I know you felt gentleness and love on my fingertips

And I know you felt the hate raw on my lips

One day you'll push out the feelings I cover

And we'll argue it out and we'll say we're still lovers

You said it scared you how you wanted to break me the most

And I knew that our love would be the death of us both

I knew that I loved you the most, never better, nor more

And that I hated you down to my very core

And when I'd see how much you loved and hated me

I'd make you the goddess of my idolatry

We'll never be friends, you and I, it can't be.

But you're still the one I love and I want and I need

We'll fight until we both break and my heart bleeds

We'll ache and we'll cut and we'll both be memories

I'll kiss you hard so you know that I can never forget

And you'll push me away, because I deserve what I get

We'll never be friends, we could never be close

We need to pressed together, and love each other the most

I could never watch you with someone else who's not me

It would make me hate you so much that you'd leave finally

Because you know that you hate me and you know I love you

You know how it controlled me and you know it was true

You know that the feelings I have are so intense and so deep

And that you gave me your heart for me to always keep

You know I still hold it and could never let go

And there's one more thing that you will always know

That with everything between us, when it comes down to the end

We'll be the great lovers, but we could never be friends.

So when I say good bye and I fall to my knees

Just open your mouth and remember to breathe

Take a stick and in the sand, draw a line

Cross it and please, leave me behind.

And when you're gone and you're not alone at night

Even though it's a lie, tell her my love was so trite.