Summary: Class R at Crawford Village Primary School get ready for school lunches. Please R&R

In The Dinner Queue

The shrill sound of the deafening bell resounded through the classrooms of Crawford Village Primary School.

In Class R the air was filled with excitement; it was lunchtime. The four and five year olds were happily chattering to each other about what was on the menu today.

One little boy named Peter was vainly attempting to convince his two friends, Kyle Zamora and Tomas Vine, that the school was going to make them eat spinach.

His blue eyes glinted as he assured them, "I swear. I heard Miss Evans talking about it. They're gonna make us eat this disgusting green thing called spinach. I know how yucky it is; my Mummy tried to give it to me one time!"

The young teacher, Miss Evans, who was bustling around the classroom trying to make the children put on their coats, walked past the three boys and said with a sigh, "Peter Quentin, for the last time, there is not going to be spinach for lunch."

Peter blushed and his face turned the same bright red colour of his hair as his two friends turned to him and said, in unison, "Told you so!"

Miss Evans moved on to some of the girls who were talking excitedly about what they would choose for dessert today. India Gellar was arguing with Jen Whitter that green jelly was the only thing worth eating and as she spoke strands of her silky, dark brown hair fell into her clear, green eyes.

Jen was disagreeing, saying that eating green jelly was as 'gross as eating sand!' She was insisting that flapjacks were the best.

Miss Evans noticed that Daisy Saunders was standing a little way away from India and Jen, staring into space and not paying attention to the lively debate between her two classmates.

She bent down to Daisy's height and began to talk, "Hey Daisy. Looking forward to lunch?"

"Yeah," Daisy responded. Then she added, "Can I hold your hand to walk to the lunch room?"

Usually Miss Evans had three or four little girls clinging to her hands as she took the class the dining hall. The boys, however, were a different story entirely. They considered themselves 'too tough' to hold hands with a grown-up, let alone a girl grown-up.

Miss Evans smiled, "Of course," then she proceeded to balance Daisy's red hat on Daisy's golden, pony-tailed head. Daisy started to giggle and her brown eyes lit up as she grabbed hold of Miss Evans' hand.

Miss Evans continued to stroll around the classroom, now with Daisy in tow behind her, as she checked that the other children had their coats on. As she walked she heard snippets of the children's conversations.

Oliver Blake was telling his best friend, Matthew Newton, about his new PlayStation game:

"When you come to my house after school," Oliver was talking excitedly, "we can play Tony Hawks! It's the new one. My Daddy bought it for me for my birthday. I'm five now!" he finished impressively.

Not many of the children were five years old yet because it was the end of September and the school year had only just started.

Matthew seemed in awe, "No fair!" he complained, "I won't be five for ages!" he said exasperated.

Another girl, Ayla Caulfield was amusing her friend, Rebecca Hughes, with the tale of how her seven year old brother had ended up falling into a dirty, cold lake when her family had gone camping the previous weekend.

"And then -," Ayla was almost in fits of laughter, "- then he fell in! And," she added, "he was wearing all his clothes!"

Ayla and Rebecca's amusement was cut short as Freddie Umbridge came tearing past them as he tried to escape from Leighanna Young.

She was well known in the class for having a little crush on Freddie and she regularly chased him around, claiming that she was playing kiss chase.

Freddie's dark eyes flashed wildly while he yelled, "Help me, Miss Evans!"

He promptly hid behind her and he looked extremely relieved when she declared to Leighanna that she'd chased Freddie enough for today.

Leighanna pouted and the shrugged, "Oh well. Tomorrow I can chase him again," she said with a mischievous glint in her light brown eyes.

Freddie looked worried but as Miss Evans took hold of Leighanna's hand she shook her head at Freddie to reassure him.

Miss Evans glanced up at the clock and saw that it was 12:30pm; time to walk the children across the playground to the canteen. She clapped her hands to get her class' attention and the stopped chattering immediately and turned to her.

"Okay," she announced," everybody get into your pairs to walk across the playground."

The children obliged and Miss Evans did a quick head count before setting off. All twelve children were there. The class was easily the smallest in the school but the village of Crawford wasn't particularly big anyway.

Miss Evans took hold of Daisy's hand, grabbed Leighanna's hand, to restrain her from ambushing Freddie, and led the children out of the classroom into what could be the last sunshine of the year as autumn was setting in on their small village.

They walked quickly across the playground, carefully dodging footballs that were being kicked between some of the Year Six boys.

They arrived in the dinner hall and Miss Evans helped some of the children hang their coats up and then she watched, with a smile on her face, as her class of children rushed to join the end of the dinner queue.