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Part I

By: T Bond

*The 12th grade graduation was only two weeks away and the entire class were only thinking about one thing and one thing only. Partying. Espically a group of eleven who wanted to throw there own party just for themselves since they all knew that the rest of the class wouldnt want them at there partys, But sadly for them none of them would be able to have there own.

Todd- Dammit its just not fair.

Joe- I know what you mean I want to party down too.

Casey- Joe you couldnt go anyways your only in 10th grade.

Joe- Yeah well so is Steven, and Kurt is only in 11th grade so why would they get to go.

Mena- Cause there my brothers.

Joe- Well Im Todds brother.

Janet- Theres a strike against you there kid.

Joe- Hey dont call me kid!

Janet- KID!


Todd- Alright guys knock it off the last thing we need is for Joe to have the shit kicked out of him again.

Janet- Yes Joe I hope you remember that well cause I can and will do it again.

Joe- You got lucky.

Janet- Do you think so? You wanna try again just to make sure?

Casey- Seriously guys stop the fighting.

Ralph- Yeah we need a way to get to a party.

*Just then Shane one of the new kids who came to the school only two months ago walked up to them.*

Shane- Hey guys.

*Everyone in the little group welcomed Shane, either by a nod of the head or a slight wave.*

Shane- So whats up?

Todd- Were trying to find out if there is anyway possible for us to have a big ass party before we graduate.

Shane- Really?

Wendy- Yeah it dosent look like its going to happen though.

Shane- Well hows thats for luck for you?

Todd- What do you mean?

Shane- My sis is having a grad party shes getting me to give everyone the invites.

Casey- Your kidding right!?

Shane- Nope.

*Shane opens his back pack and takes out a invatation for everyone in the group but Joe, Kurt, and Steven.*

Shane- I have one for every grad.

Joe- Dude weres ours?

Shane- Your not grads are you?

Kurt- No but where the brothers of grads.

Shane- I know guys...I'll see what I can do.

Janet- and who did you say was hosting this part again?

Shane- Brit my sister.

Janet- Well im not going.

Wendy- Why not?

Janet- Brit? Please shes even more unpopular then we are and unless you havent noticed Im trying to get out of this stupid little group I so I dont need this right about now.

Todd- Janet besides this party how many have you been invited too?

Janet- Oh all kinds...

Todd- Tell the truth for once in your life.

Janet- Ok so this is the only one but Im sure the others are coming.

Ralph- Aint gonna happen...

Janet- Shut up Stooge.

Ralph- Oh so its stooge today whats it gonna be tommorow Jan?

Janet- Call me Jan again and I'll rip your heart out and show it to you before you even die!

Ralph- Is that even possible?

Janet- I'll make it possible!

Todd- Jesus guys stop the fighting! Now Janet you knowthat you want to go to a party just as bad as we do.

Janet- So whats your point?

Todd- You know this is the only one you'll get invited to so if you dont go you'll miss out on the whole 12th grade party week all together.

Casey- Yeah that reminds me...When is Brit having the party Shane?

Shane- Thursday...why?

Casey- Thats the night before the grad...

Mena- Thats when Roger is having his party...

Shane- So?

Kurt- Roger is the most popular guy in school you can give the invites to everyone else but its almost a waste of your time to do it.

Todd- True Roger invited everyone but us to his party and thats were there all going.

Casey- So it will just be us theres nothing really wrong with that is there?

Ralph- It is better then nothing.

Shane- Hmmmm...well if no one else goes but you guys Im sure that Brit would let the rest of you come.

Joe- Sweet!

Kurt- Yeah our first huge party...

Shane- I dont know about huge.

Joe- Please dude your family is rich and they own that gigantic Mansion on the hill.

Wendy-...You guys live in the haunted house?

Shane- Haunted?

Wendy- Thats what the stories say.

Shane- Well the stories are wrong. We've lived there for two months if it was haunted we would know.

Wendy- But all of those people who were killed there.

Shane- Killed there?

Todd- The story says that a killer dressed in a black cloak so you couldnt see his face killed like 20 people there 60 years ago and then killed himself and that the killers ghost is still there waiting for the next victim.

Shane- Really?

Todd- Yeah but thats all it is a story theres no truth to it.

Shane- Well its the first I ever heard about it...I guess it also explains why we got the place for so cheap.

Janet- Well theres something wrong with your mind if you belive that thats the kind of thing Wes would think is true.

*As if on cue Wes walked up to the group with Steven.*

Wes- Hey guys whats up.

Todd- Party man and were all invited.

Steven- Really even me?

Shane- Im working on it I'll ask Brit when I see her.

Wes- Brit...shes having the party?

Shane- Yeah.

Wes-...At your house?

Shane- Where else?

Wes-...Im not going that place is haunted.

Casey- Its just a story Wes you know that.

Janet- Yeah you scardy cat for once in your life show that you got a set of balls.

Wes- Janet I dont care what you think Im still not going!

Ralph- Oh C'mon Wes you wanted to get invited to a party as much as the rest of us.

Wes- Yeah but not to a party at a haunted house.

Todd- Seriously Wes do you belive in ghosts?

Wes- Well...no.

Todd- Then you know the house isnt haunted and we all know in order to have a haunted house you need a ghost and if theres no such thing as ghosts theres no such thing as a haunted house.

Wes- Well I guess...you cant argue with logic like that.

Shane- So should I'll tell Brit that your coming?

Wes- Yeah why not?

Todd- Sweet now were all going.

Casey- Hey Shane since your going to ask Brit about Joe, Kurt, and Steven coming could you see if you can invite my younger cousin Lynn too? Shes coming here to visit this weekend and gets here Thursday.

Brit- Of corse she can and so can you other guys.

*Everyone looks behind them to see Brit standing there.*

Janet- and just how long have you been there!?

Brit- About a minute.

Shane- Sis did you know our house is supposeably haunted?

Brit- Theres no such thing as ghosts Shane. So I'll see you all Thrusday night?

Todd- Sure will.

Brit- Alright thats great! Well if you excuse me I gotta go get ready for class.

Casey- See ya.

Brit- Oh yeah I almost forgot guys my parents are going to be out of town to so we have the house all to ourselves.

*After saying that Brit flashes the group a smile and walks off down the hallway again.*

Janet- No wonder everyone hates her! I cant stand it whenever people sneek up behind me!

Shane- Yeah well I find it strange that people like you and not her thats fucked up if you ask me!

Janet- Whats that supposed to mean!?

Shane- It means what you want it to mean!

Todd- Oh boy here we go again.

Ralph- Guys did I hear her right when she said no parents?

Shane- Yeah there visiting our grandmother shes pretty sick.

Ralph- Man thats great!

Shane- What!?

Ralph- Uh...not your grandmother being sick but no parents this will be awesome.

Shane- Oh...

*The Bell rings & everyone goes to class with the thaught of the party fresh in there heads.*

TO BE CONTINUED............

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