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Part V

By: T Bond

*Todd was now walking the halls alone looking for anyone hoping that some were still alive after telling Casey and Lynn to hide When he suddenly heard Casey scream near the stairs. After hearing her he turned around and ran back towards the stairs as fast as he could.*

Todd- Shit I shouldnt of left them!

*Todd kept running towards the stairs and when he finally got there he saw the killer above Lynns now dead body and Casey whos leg was soaking in her own blood.*

Todd- Casey!!!

*Todd ran towards the killer who tried to stab him a few times but kept missing Todd then hit the killer down the stairs.*

Todd- Casey...Are you alright?

Casey- Lynn...shes...

*Todd looked at Lynn and then at Caseys leg.*

Todd- I have to hide you away.

Casey- But what about Lynn?

Todd- Lynns dead Casey we cant do anything for her!

*Todd picked up Casey so she wouldnt have to walk then looked down the stairs to see that the killer was gone.*

Todd- Shit we have to move fast!

*Todd turned to the hallway he was just walking and then started to run down there again when he came across Brit running the other way.*

Brit- Todd Theres a killer! They got Janet and Ralph.

Todd- I know...I think where the only ones left. Brit tell me a good hiding spot Caseys leg is hurt bad.

Brit- But we have to get out of here the killer was right behind me!

Todd- No hes not I just hit him down the stairs.

Brit- But thats impossible theres no way the killer could get from all the ways back there to where the stairs are that fast.


Brit- What?

Todd- The story...we found out its true tonight.

Brit- It was...

Todd- Yeah...and at the end of the story it said that the killer killed himself so he could always haunt this house and kill anyone else who would come here...

Brit- Are you saying the killer is a ghost!?

Todd- Everyone else is dead what other explanation is there!?

Brit- But there are no such things as ghosts!

Todd- I would of belived you before tonight....Now tell me wheres a good hiding spot?

Brit- Alright follow me.

*Brit runs down the hallway until she gets to one of the doors and opens it.*

Brit- We should be safe in here.

Todd- Good.

*Todd puts Casey down on the bed in the room and grabs a old shit from the floor.*

Brit- What are you going to do with that?

Todd- Im going to wrap it around her leg shes lost alot of blood...

Brit- I think she has passed out...

*Todd tears the shirt and wraps it around Caseys leg tightly.*

Todd- That should be good enough for now...

Brit- For now? Dont you think we should be getting out of here?

Todd- Do you still have the key?

Brit- Yeah.

*Brit puts her hand in her pocket and serches for the key.*

Brit- Uh-oh...

Todd- What?

Brit-...The key...I put it in the wrong pocket...

Todd- Wrong pocket?

Brit- I put it in the one with the hole in it.

Todd- You lost the key?

Brit- Yeah...

Todd- Well thats ok well just break one of the windows.

Brit- That wont do much good either...

Todd- Why not?

Brit- I dont know if you noticed or not but there are bars on them....my father was meaning to take them down but kept forgeting.

Todd- Oh god...

*Todd pics up Casey again opens the closet door and puts her in here.*

Todd- Brit you go in there too.

Brit- What about you?

Todd- Im going out there to fight that thing.

Brit- How can you kill a ghost?

Todd- I dont think I can kill a ghost...there alerady dead....

Brit- Then what do you plan on doing?

Todd- Ghosts cant come out at daylight right?

Brit- Thats Vampires.

Todd- But it works for ghosts to right?

Brit- I dont know.

Todd- Well theres only one way to find out.

Brit- Todd theres no way you can keep that thing busy until daylight.

Todd- I might be able to.

Brit- Its still 7 hours away!

Todd- No one said it would be easy.

Brit- Todd dont go you'll be killed!

Todd- If I die saving you two its worth it.

Brit- Todd no way!

Todd- Get in the closet Brit.

Brit- Im not letting you do this alone.

Todd- You have no choice. All of my friends have been killed tonight That includes my brother.

Brit-It killed my brother too!

Todd- Do you want it to kill you too?

Brit- I can ask the same question to you.

Todd-....Brit Im not telling you anymore.

Brit- Good lets go then.

Todd- Im sorry Brit...

Brit- .....sorry?

*Todd pushes Brit into the closet and locks the door so she cant get out.*

Todd- Brit stay there and dont scream...I'll be back in...

*Todd looks at his watch.*

Todd-....7 hours...

*Todd leaves the room In serch of the Killer.*

Hood- Very touching...but it was all for nothing.

*Todd turns around and sees the killer standing behind him.*

Todd- You've been here haunting this house for 60 years dont you think its time you move on.

Hood- Your right...Im leaving tonight and never coming back. All I have to do is kill you, Brit and your girlfriend.

Tood-...Take me if you want but leave those two alone.

Hood- I wish I could but I cant leave anyone alive.

Todd- Why not? You think people will belive them when they say a ghost killed all of there friends? No they wont there gonna think they killed everyone and will probally put them in a mental hospital.

Hood- You know Todd that would be funny.

Todd- Answer this then...how do you know all of us our names...

Hood- Why wouldnt I? I have known all my life.

Todd- Whats thats supposed to mean.

*The killer takes there hood down to reveal there true identity.*


Joe- Thats right bro I did it I killed them all.

Todd- But...why?

Joe- Why? Trust me Todd you would do the same in my shoes. My entire life I have been living in your shadow hearing how your so great. Those people I killed tonight they wernt my friends they were your friends.

Todd- What do you mean they were your friends too!

Joe- Only because of you!

Todd- But I dont get it your dead too you where the first one dead. I saw you in the bathroom covered in blood with the knife in your back. Steven even checked your pulse!

Joe- Heh heh pretty cool huh It was fake blood...and so was the knife as for my pulse..the idiot checked the wrong place I thaught I was figured out then but he was just to stupid!

Todd-But how did you get to were Brit was over to where Casey and Lynn was so fast?

Joe- Simple after I found out I was aloud to come I found the blueprints to this old place that were published after the killings 60 years ago. I know every shortcut here.

Todd- I still dont know why your doing this Joe...what about Lynn...she liked you alot.

Joe- To little to late. You know Todd I hate to cut this short but it really time for you to die...I think I'll enjoy killing you the most.

*Joe walked up closer to Todd and took out his knife.*

Joe- Whats wrong Todd...why arnt you running? Arnt you scared?

Todd- I not afarid of you Joe I always kicked your ass when we were kids and mom had to seperate us...shes not here now.

Joe- Maybe so Todd...but theres a difference this time Todd.

Todd- Whats that?

*Joe stabs Todd in the arm and slashs his chest and Todd falls to the floor in pain.*

Joe- This time I have a knife and the playing feild isnt even.

*Todd somehow manages to get back to his feet and falls in Joes arms.*

Joe- I think its nice that you want to hug me before I kill you but it wont do you any good. Its time for you to............

*Before he could finish Todd stabbed him in the back 3 times and they both fall to the floor.*

Joe-...How....where did you get the knife.

Todd- You were pretty smart about all of this Joe but there was one mistake you made...

Joe-....What...was it...

*Todd stabs his brother one more time this time in the heart killing him.*

Todd-...You had a extra knife in your pocket...

*After saying those words Todd falls to the ground in pain and blood lost.... The next morining Brit finally managed to pick the lock to the clost Todd had put her and Casey in last night.*

Brit-....Casey you ok?

Casey-...I will be...weres Todd?

Brit- I dont think he made it through the night...


Brit-...We have to get out of here now Casey...

*Brit opens the door and sees Both Joe and Todd on the floor outside the room.*

Brit-...Its Todd...and Joe...and Joe is wearing that black cloak....

Casey- Why would Joe do this?

Brit- I dont know....I thought that he was dead....

Casey- Is Todd ok?

Brit- I think hes....

Casey- Please dont say hes dead...

Brit-....But I think he might be.

*Casey limps over to Todd on the floor.*

Casey- Todd...why did you have to be so brave?

Todd-......Because I....love you....

Casey- Todd? Your alive! Brit hes alive!

Brit-...We need to get out of here now and get Todd to the hospital...and you too.

Casey- I'll be fine its Todd who needs the help...

Brit-...Wait I know...I cant belive how stupid I am!

Casey- What?

Brit- The phone....we could of called for help.

Casey- No we couldnt...Lynn and I tried that last night after Todd left the line were cut.

Brit- But I have a cell phone in my backpack....I cant belive im so stupid!

Casey-....Its alright...just go get it and call for 911.

Todd- ...Casey...

Casey- Todd dont talk...

Todd- ....Thats the last party I ever go to...


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-T Bond