The President's Daughter


Chapter One

I sighed for about the hundredth time that morning, slouching in the uncomfortable plastic chair I'd been sitting in for hours. My black high heel shoes were digging into my feet and my black blouse was making my neck itch. Oh how I wanted to die.

And to make it worse, my view for an entire 2 and a half hours had been of an enormous crowd of annoying, loud, and tedious people.

I sighed again, receiving a jab in the ribs by my oh-so-annoying stepmother, or as she liked to be called, The First Lady.

And the familiar voice of my father was heard booming through my ears, discussing various boring topics, or as he liked to be called, The President.

Yes, sad, but true. I, Paige Sanders, was the daughter to the most powerful man in the USA. My own father, flesh and blood, was the President. To any normal teenage kid that was hopeless in life, the thought would seem rather entrancing; but not to me. It was hideous. Appalling. Outrageous and clearly saddening.

Not only was I adored by many just because my fathers social status, I was also hated by many, also because of father. I wasn't adored because I was Paige Sanders; I wasn't even hated because I was that girl. It was just too much to ask for. It was all because of my family.

So many mornings I would wake up asking myself Why can't I just be normal?' And so many nights I wished I weren't the president's daughter.

I had no friends. No boyfriend. I didn't know what it was like to go to cool parties, gossip, go to school, hang out at the mall, or specifically, have fun.

Sure I've had lots of advantages. I was beyond spoilt and people adored me; but they were mainly people age 40 or higher.

"Sit up straight, dear." My step mother, Kathy, hissed quietly, shaking me from my morbid thoughts of wanting to shrivel up and die.

Casting a glare, I stood up straight and forced myself to pay attention. But of course that wasn't happening and I merely looked at the crowd of people listening to my father presenting some boring speech about God knows what.

I'd lost interest hours ago.

I was rather lucky though, I rarely had to attend such speeches. Being fed up with the high life long ago, considering my entire generations of relatives were in Politics, I told my father that I didn't want to be noticed. I didn't want to be on magazines, or on TV, or attend his stupid meetings. I didn't want the public to disturb me. I wanted to be normal.

And while it was permanently a struggle, my father did a good job of having me go unnoticed to the public. It was almost like he didn't have a daughter. Sometimes I thought maybe the reason he did such a good job at it, was because he didn't want one.

Finally after what seemed like I was aging into the next decade, I heard my father wrapping up his speech and the crowd erupting in cheers. I had to admit, his life was probably well. His was filled with riches and advantages. He wasn't the one being treated like a child everyday. He wasn't the one being reprimanded every second. He wasn't known as 'The president's daughter' and instead of my real name, Paige.

I seethed with anger when people tried to come up to me, sucking up to me and referring to me as the president's daughter. I wanted to scream and tell them my real name. My birth name, if it meant anything at all.

Soon enough I found myself wearing a large, ridiculous looking black hat and it covered my face, and my step mom's bodyguard ushered me down the steps.

Kathy quickly grabbed a hold of my arm and held a firm, tight grip, leading me into the limousine that awaited us. I clenched my teeth, trying to fight back the urge to scream in frustration; half because I was dwelling over my pitiful existence and half because of the unbearable grip my stepmother was using on me. Bitch, I thought menacingly.

Of course, if I dared to say it aloud my stepmother would feign shock and tears and label me a contaminated risk to her and the 'Presidents' life. What was I, a disease?

Getting forced into the limo rather roughly I sat at the opposite end of the car and smoothed down my black skirt, being silent the rest of the trip back home, all thoughts occupied by '101 Ways To Kill Your Evil Stepmother' Ah, how entertaining.

Arriving in the parking lot, I was escorted inside by Rudy and Thomas, my usual bodyguards. The two were the only men under 30 that I ever came in contact with regularly and it brought slight color into my life. They were funny and rather comforting when they weren't being serious.

"Nice morning, Ms. Paige?" Rudy questioned, opening the door for me.

I rolled my eyes and walked briskly towards my room, "Spare me. It was horrifying. I hope to never experience anything like it again."

I heard Rudy and Thomas laugh and I walked to my room, and they sat themselves comfortably outside the door. "You two are like pets, you know?" I said with a chuckle, shutting the door.

"Finally I can get out of this damn suit." I grumbled, quickly taking off the outfit. Luckily my father had been nice enough to let me get some clothes that looked normal and not fancy. So my wardrobe was at least half normal, quite to contrary to myself.

I took a quick shower and emerged in faded blue jeans with various holes in them; they were made that way, and a clingy gray shirt

I was 17, very mature for my age due mainly to my father's career. My dark blonde hair flowed a little past the shoulders and had a lighter shade of blonde highlighting in it. My eyes were of a deep brown color, matching me beautifully. I was petite and short, standing only about 5'2". I was naturally tan also, mostly handed down from my mother.

Ah, my mother. Mrs. Clarice Dawn Sanders. Touchy subject for me. When I was nearly 10 years old my mother got very ill, and she had cancer. It was unlikely she would survive and she knew for about a year, but never told anyone. They didn't find out until her death that she had cancer.

I was very close to my mother, she was like a best friend and always managed to make me feel happy and normal and care-free. Because my father was always so busy, I spent most of my time with mother. But sadly, that came to an end. Father was depressed and distanced himself further from me since then.

My thoughts erased as Thomas knocked on the door, "Paige?"

"Yes?" I replied, opening the door.

For bodyguards I had to admit, Rudy and Thomas were very nice to look at. Both were built and were 25, Rudy having blonde hair while Thomas had black hair and a goatee. Not very bad to look at at all...

"Might I say you look stunning Ms. Sanders?" Rudy said, looking at me appreciatively.

I blushed and swatted him playfully, "Father would have your head if he saw you looking at me like that." I laughed. But yet, I was used to it because I knew Rudy was just teasing me. Call him a brother really, he liked to tease and look out for me.

Thomas on the other hand, well, I did have a tiny crush on him for a long while. But sadly, Thomas was married and had a child due in time, so that kind of threw it all off…

"What is it?" I asked suddenly.

"The evil stepmother awaits you." Rudy said, while Thomas threw in suspense music, which I noted out to be some sort of whacked out Freddy Cougar slash Michael Myers theme.

I stuck my tongue out and stomped down the stairs, hearing the laughs coming from the two. Yes, mature I was indeed.

"Yes, Kathy?" I managed to say through clenched teeth.

Kathy looked up from her desk and took off her glasses with a sigh, "How many times do I ask you to call me mother?"

I would never call her that. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction or the time of day and I wouldn't give myself the torture. I would jump off a cliff before I would call her my own mother.

"Stepmother." I said finally.

She seemed to accept the name and she walked over to me, clicking her tongue thoughtfully, as if in distaste. She wrinkled her nose, "What in God's name are you wearing? What is the matter with those jeans, and why on Earth is that shirt so tight? Did the maid shrink it or something?"

I tuned her out as she continued to comment rudely on my chosen attire and I didn't even notice her dragging me into the car until it was too late. I dreaded what I was in for, and I heard her snap for me to put on my seatbelt.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"My God! Did you not hear a word I have said?" No, I thought bitterly, wishing to rip out that tongue of hers as she annoyingly kept clicking it in disgust.

I wondered suddenly what people would think of the President's Daughter after hearing her most personal and private thoughts. Certainly they'd be appalled, but that's what was so appealing about it all.

And it was then I realized I tuned Kathy out again, and I had to ask her yet again where we were headed, and I expected her to scold me and click her tongue in protest as usual. "I'm sorry, where are we going again?"

And she did, again, and for a moment I thought she would strangle me. The evil woman, I believed she would have if their weren't anyone else in the car.

"Your father has another speech this afternoon outside the Easton Mall in Ohio. We must attend the speech."

I groaned inwardly and felt my spirits dampen as the realization dawned on me. It was like leaping from one treacherous hellhole to another. Life sucked.

Driving to the plane landing I got out of the car, trying to rid myself of Kathy but no such luck. With her vice grip she dragged me to our private jet and to Ohio.



I thought I'd fell asleep for a brief moment, because soon enough I arrived outside the Easton Mall and was met with tons of reporters. Oh how they annoyed me so, calling me 'The Presidents Daughter'. Really, what did they want from me? Couldn't they have a little decency and at least call me by Ms. Sanders? Not the president's daughter. Seriously, I was sick of it all.

Thomas and Rudy were by my side and they pushed me through the millions of reporters and I was met with my father getting ready for his speech. He gave me a pat on the head and gave Kathy a kiss.

I mean really, what kind of father gives his only child a pat on the head? What was I, a pet? Honestly I don't know how I put up with him for 17 years. Maybe because it was due to the fact I never saw him.

Getting bored with the facade I briefly overheard Kathy mention something about my attire and changing me into a dress, and I wanted to scream. Eyeing my surroundings I realized I was outside of a mall. A real mall. A place I had hardly been able to visit. And unattended.

The possible outcomes were simply marvelous, and horrid depending on how you looked at it. Here I was, with people all around me yet none of them really looking at me. All eyes on my father and stepmother, but not me.

I could just walk off casually, walk into the mall and have some real fun, not attend some boring speech. Or, I could be the good girl I was intended to be and sit back straight on some uncomfortable chair for 2 hours and smile politely and pretend to listen to everything my father said.

Oh, what a hard decision this would be.

I grinned evilly, thinking about how much fun it would be. Carefully I looked around and didn't see Thomas or Rudy in sight, which was a relief. Kathy and my father were chatting away with two people I didn't recognize and the cameras were outside the gates. It was a perfect opportunity screaming for me.

Slowly I walked behind the stage and spotted the entrance to the mall a distance away. Cars were parked everywhere, so I just managed to jump behind one and go from car to car. The entrance kept getting closer and closer, and then I'd finally reached it.

My nerves were beyond excited as I stepped foot into the largest mall I've been in, besides the one in Canada my father made me attend; but it was boring because I was only there to stand beside my father.

But here I was - no parents, no bodyguards, no nothing. Just me and crowds of people I did not know.

Damn! I'd forgotten about that. Surely they could possibly notice me to be the president's daughter. I smiled and shrugged. I wasn't on TV that much, and my face wasn't that well known. Only when I was actually with my father or Kathy was I actually noticed. Unless their was someone here that was a total politics freak. But doubtful.

The mall was entrancing and I couldn't stop smiling. I felt like a little girl at a Barbie store. I never really had barbies though, I pondered before shaking the thoughts away.

I was in a mall by myself; I wasn't going to dwell on my childhood now.

First thing I thought of was that I'd need a makeover. My blonde hair would be rather noticeable, and I at least wanted a little time to myself for a few days, or longer. I walked aimlessly through the mall, and spotted a hair salon.

Entering, I told the woman that was holding my hair that I wanted it dyed brown, with black highlights and I wanted a trim. Without hesitation she cut a couple inches off my hair and dyed it.

It took a little while there, and after I was done I looked at myself in a mirror and smiled. I loved my new hair. It was new, exciting, and different. Smiling triumphantly, I thanked her politely.

Seeing as I didn't want colored contacts, for I could never stand putting anything in my eyes, I bought a cheap pair of black rimmed glasses and put them on. It was strange how different I looked in the mirror. You really could barely tell I was actually Paige Sanders.

I went into hundreds of different stores, and the people were really nice. I had money on me; I always did but never used it at all. I bought a shirt, shoes, sunglasses, and some candy and I was about to go to my favorite place, the CD store.

I was obsessed with music, their was no getting me away from it.

Entering the store labeled to be FYE, I walked aimlessly down rows of music and picked out 2 CD's: The new Korn CD (My parents would never approve) and the AFI CD I always wanted to get but Kathy labeled it 'Devil Music'.

I bought the CD's and went to leave, but to my worst fear, I saw Rudy, Thomas, and a few other bodyguards I couldn't name. I knew they were here to fetch me, and I couldn't let my glorious day stop yet.

I quickly turned around and walked fast towards the end of the store, looking for any other exit. I was about to ask one of the people that worked there, when I saw Thomas enter the store and I unconsciously grabbed the first thing in front of me to shield it from my view.

It was a boy.

Well, I wouldn't call him a boy. He was tall and looked to be my age, or older than me I couldn't tell with the make-up on his face. Since when did the opposite sex wear eyeliner?

"Shh." I said quickly, peeking around his large form. "I don't want someone to see me."

"So you have to get me in the mix? Lady I don't know your deal but…"

"Shut up for a sec, please." I begged. It seemed to work because he didn't say another word. "Act like your reading something, so you don't look suspicious."

I heard him scoff and grab something which looked to be a magazine. I eyed it skeptically, as it had women posing on cars almost nude.

I scoffed, "That's the best magazine you can find? If he finds you, and that magazine, with me, I'm dead!" I wailed, digging myself further in his jacket, if possible.

I heard Thomas' deep voice question the cashier if they noticed me, I assumed he had a picture and I about fainted. Now I am dead.

But no - that wasn't the same cashier. The person I had had a spiked chain around their neck and had black hair. Believe me I remembered them. This guy wore glasses and he looked nerdy. And nervous.

I heard him squeak an answer and I close my eyes, praying to god they didn't notice me. Soon enough I heard Thomas grunt something and I looked up to see he had left. Of course I couldn't show my face to the cashier now; they'd know what I looked like. I may have had glasses on and my hair was different, but the resemblance was uncanny.

The man I was holding onto turned around and for the first time I noticed how good he looked. He looked odd, but it was good. I never saw anyone like him. His black hair was styled up in a mohawk and the tips were dyed red. He had piercing black eyes, pale skin, and black clothes. He had eyeliner on and looked to be gothic or something. It freaked me out, but in a good way.

"Stare much?" He hissed, sitting the magazine down, looking at me expectantly.

"I'm terribly sorry, I just-" He waved his hand and turned to leave but I grabbed his arm. He turned around and raised an eyebrow.

"I know you've helped me more than enough and-" My eyes widened as I noticed Rudy walk in and look around. I did the only thing I could think of doing, I grabbed the guy in front of me and brought his lips to mine.

He was confused for a moment, until I shot him a look and he got the point, wrapping his hands around my waist and pulling me to him. I had never experienced anything like it, not for a while truthfully. It embarrassed me a little and I punched him in the arm when I felt his tongue snake into my mouth.

"What?" He asked innocently with a grin. I sneered and looked around for Rudy, but he disappeared too. I sighed in relief and looked up at the man, feeling slightly flushed.

"Look, I don't know you, and I don't know If I want to know you, and I know you've done a lot for me, a stranger, already so I am not expecting you to help me any further." He looked at me expectantly and I continued, "But I need help getting out of here."

"Why are you in so much trouble?" He asked suspiciously.

"I'll tell you when you get me out of here, okay?"

"Look lady your a great kisser and all but, I don't want to start trouble." He said, backing up.

I shot daggers at him and grabbed his arm forcefully, taking out the wad of money I had in my pocket. "A hundred bucks in it for you?"

He eyed the money and I sighed, "Fine, $200."


I raised a brow, "$5?" He shot me a look and I smiled, stuffing the money in my pocket. "Fine, $500. Get me out of here and it's all yours."

He nodded and took off the large black jacket he wore and made me put it on. I practically tripped over it as he wrapped an arm around me and led me out of the store.

"Now where?" I asked, looking around for signs of my father's guys.

"Hmm...." He said thoughtfully, looking around also. Before I knew it he grabbed my arm and pulled me along a long hallway, and soon enough I noticed an exit sign. I thanked my lucky stars and practically ran to the exit, opening the doors and sighing in relief.

"Now where?" I asked.

He raised a brow, "You tell me. I got you out, now I get my money, right?"

I sighed, "Yes but you didn't get me out of the parking lot." I pointed out. He rolled his eyes and grabbed my hand, dragging me towards the mass of cars.

We reached a motorcycle, I figured it was his and he handed me a helmet. I put it on quickly and got on behind him. Although I'd never been on a motorcycle before, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to, he was my only way out. I wrapped my hands securely around his waist, closing my eyes tightly, not daring to open them.

My eyes were closed for the most of the ride, so I really didn't know where we were going. The man could be a rapist for all I knew, but right now I was bathing in bliss that I didn't have the mind to care. I was free. For once in my life, I was free.

No father, no Kathy, no Rudy, Thomas, or anyone. Just me, the motorcycle, and the stunning stranger whose name I had yet to know.

The bike stopped outside of a parking lot and I looked around as I hopped off the bike and handed him the helmet. "Are we going to a club?" I asked with a raised eyebrow, staring at the building in front of me that looked to be a bar of some sort.

"No, I happened to stop here because I work here. Now, tell me, who are you? And tell me the truth."

I sighed, "Okay, well, the truth. Where to start? My name is Paige Sanders, I am the President's daughter and yes, that does mean I live in the White House. I am 17 years old and my life is not normal. My father had a speech to attend to outside the Mall and I kind of escaped in there, hoping to not be found."

The guy, looking at her with boredom, breathed in deeply. "Okay, do you want to try that again? And no lies this time?"

"I'm a high school drop-out and my abusive boyfriend is after me." I said blankly, knowing he wouldn't believe me when I said I was the president's daughter. I guess President's these days were incapable of having offspring or something, considering no one believed me when I told them.

"That's more like it." He said, "But you still didn't tell me your name."

"I told you, it's Paige."

"And a last name?" He questioned.

"My parents died in a fatal car accident at birth and my foster parents decided not to give me a last name." I said blankly, again.

He chuckled, "Now you're over-doing it."

I rolled my eyes. "And what about you, my knight in shining armor. Have a name?"

He smiled and shrugged, "I guess so."

I raised a brow, "And do you mind telling me it anytime soon?"

"Nah." He said with a cute smile and I felt like strangling him. Finding myself growing agitated as he walked off casually, I quickly followed him into the empty club.

"What about the money?" I asked him.

He shrugged, "What about it?"

My mouth dropped, clearly surprised. "You cannot tell me that you're going to pass up five hundred dollars to stop me from asking your name."

"I didn't say that. I don't want your money, I don't need it. How'd you get it anyways?" He asked, his eyebrows narrowing.

"I stole it from my abusive boyfriend's wallet." I said hotly, glaring at him.

It seemed to amuse him, because his eyes seemed to laugh at me and he turned around, walking through the club to the bar. "I have work in an hour, so I think you better be going."

I sat down stubbornly on a swivel chair. "Not until you tell me your name."

"Well then, I guess your going to be here all night, huh?" He said with a grin, turning his back to me as he wiped the counters and got the club ready. I assumed he was the bartender or something.

"So, since you won't tell me your name, how about an age?" I said, my tone bored as I drew circles on the counter top.

"I am 19." He said matter-of-factly, sitting beside me. "Any other questions?"

"What's your name?" He refused to answer and I sighed, "What the hell is the problem? It's just a name."

"Yes, but if I heard you correctly, you said if I tell you my name, then you'll leave me alone."

"And..." I tried to see where he was going with this, but I didn't have any success.

"And maybe I don't want you to leave me alone." He answered truthfully. The answer threw me off guard and I blushed slightly, turning my gaze away from him.

"Christian!" An unfamiliar voice yelled, walking swiftly into the club, looking as happy as ever. "My man, how are you?" His gaze turned to me and he looked me up and down as I had the urge to break his nose.

"Just fine, how about you Zack?"

This Zack shrugged, still gazing at me, "Alright I guess. You never told me you got yourself a girlfriend." He said, his eyes lighting up for a moment, amused.

"This is-"

"Paige," I greeted myself, shaking his hand firmly. "Christian was just doing me a favor as to get me away from my crazy, abusive boyfriend. I'm pregnant, by the way."

I was having a little fun with messing with his head, and I wasn't sure if this 'Christian' had bought any of my stories. Who would?

His eyes widened and I feigned sorrow. "Men." I scoffed, looking him up and down with distaste, imitating Kathy. I turned and smiled triumphantly, walking out of the club, not exactly sure where I was going.

Before I knew it, I heard footsteps running for me and a hand on my shoulder. "Where are you going?" I was met with the black eyes of this mysterious stranger that I became infatuated with, if that was what you'd call it. It was dangerous, and not what I needed.

"I don't know yet." I shrugged, turning around and walking away.

"But what about your abusive boyfriend?" I could hear the slight lie in his voice, and I knew he hadn't bought my story at all.

I turned around and shrugged, "I'll send him your way if I ever meet him." I winked and walked back around, walking down the dimming streets, alone.


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