Seeker of truth

I seek out the most horrible of sights

to know

I don't want to be left in the dark

Even if the light is more terrible than the dark

I want none of the pretty lies

The engulf my life, my people

Mine because I love them

And some of them love me

I want to know their plight

Their horrors

Their nightmares

Because it is more painful not to know

It is more cruel to let me deal with my own pain

To let me wallow in my own sorrow

I seek out that which others would keep from me

That which my people seek to protect me from


It means very little to a person who does not wish to be protected

It only mean confinement

Let me see

Let me hear

Let me know

So that I, too, may become strong

Let that knowledge and the strength and power it brings be my protection

Let me fly

To my destruction or my salvation

My soul craves knowledge

Let me know what it means to live

Both in the dark and in the light

Because the light blinds

Blinds us to the triste

That I may know of their sadness

Is all that I ask

That I may use my life to help them

Is all that God expects of me

So that I may not feel helpless