I, because it seems so right

To undertake this mission.

I, because ocean's heart

Gives waves silent commission.

I want to relieve the souls

That have not reached perdition.

I cannot perceive how hard

It is to close this fission.


Sweet cherry blossom from the trees,

Float gracefully into the light.

I pray, I am down on my knees.

Will you aid in this eternal fight?


I will surely fall in time

As death comes to disturb sleep.

And patiently the dove does rest

When silently the crows weep.

Around the corners and through the cracks

The darkness begins to seep.

The time it takes you to arrive

Gives time to let the ghosts creep.


Cherry blossoms question the breeze

As they float slowly down.

I can no longer beg you, please,

Turn this war upside down.