I can't remember the name,
Of the person I was meant to be,
The destiny that was given,
Fate has abandoned me,
Nothing seems to matter,
Except the here and now,
Accept the here and now,
Many things are changing,
I walk my roads alone,
With people by my side,
They give me hope and courage,
Neither do I need,
Courage is to be given,
Hope is already lost,
A dark abyss calls out,
Making itself known throughout,
Nobody admits they are tempted,
One thing that gives peace,
Not even I believe I am ready,
No human ever is,
Though it still calls to me,
Comforts me and scares me,
Closing my eyes,
Possibilities surge through my body,
Shut down the hurt,
Stop the flow,
Then I open my eyes to the world,
I see it's beauty.
Light and warmth screams for me,
A chirp which calms the soul,
I am awakened,
Not only to life,
To death,
For one can not be without the other.