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~*~November 3rd, 2057 ~*~

Locks of ruby red hair swayed with the autumn breeze, as a lone maiden stood before a crowd of watchers- each of them holding up a light blue and silver casket- a silk blanket of silver draped around the top half; and the lid to it closed.

Her deep, silver eyes were concealed by mirror lens sunshades; blocking out the tears that the maiden had been shedding ever since that day she had been told the news by Solistria.  She could still remember it well. 

She had been out with her friend, Jamie- walking in and out of stores in the mall- trying to choose the perfect dress for the Autumn Ball at her school; laughing and just being a normal fifteen year old girl. 

~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~

"Hey dude, isn't your Mom supposed to had picked us up a while ago?  We checked the front and she wasn't there," Jamie spoke to her silver-eyed friend.

The maiden shrugged, "I don't know.  I thought she said she was going to," she spoke as she chuckled, "Hopefully she's out getting that pair of heels that I asked for."

Jamie nodded.

But little did the red-haired teenager know; her smile and laughter was about to be ceased by a visit.  A visit from the pink-haired angel herself. 

The maiden went puzzled, walking up to Solistria, as she detected sadness in her pretty, silver eyes. 

"Solis, what- what's wrong?  Where's Mom?" she questioned.

The other woman had grown silent- gazing down onto the ground, before pulling the teenaged girl into a little private area- kneeling down before her and meeting her eyes- explaining the story that would end her night of joy forever.

The young lady gasped, tears welling up in her eyes, as she felt herself collapse into the pink-haired angel's arms.  Solistria had done the best she could to comfort her friend; but nothing could take away the pain that the silver-eyed female had been feeling at this time.

Jamie had been wondering why her friend had suddenly burst into tears, approaching the angel and questioning what was going on.  Once she had found out, she nearly paled- feeling herself fall onto her knees- her mint green eyes laced with guilt, anger, and utter shock. 

Guilt for not spending time to get to know her; anger for being out with her daughter instead of staying inside and possibly preventing her mother's death; and shock that this all was happening.

The angel held onto her friend; helpless to make her feel better.  There was nothing she could do to comfort them both.  Just to be there for them.  She knew that this would be a tough time for the ruby-red-haired girl; and that she had no one- as her four grandmothers lived in Arizona; and she was only fifteen years old.

Solistria lightly stroked her friend's hair, knowing that Mia would be awaiting them both back at their place.  She knew her girlfriend had also been guilty- of saying such things to Willow before she had passed on.

Not even with her white magic could she heal these wounds that had hit the teenager at this time.  But she had to try.  She couldn't let the poor dear face this without anyone to at least try to help her.  And help her she would.

~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~

The maiden stood, bound to only the memories of now what was both of her parents- a few crystal tears escaping her pretty eyes- drying them with her left, black, leather glove- clearing her throat a bit, and sipping the water that Jamie, who stood beside her- had given her.

Princess and Crystalline stood beside the two friends; the smaller woman being embraced by her wife- tears glistening in her violet eyes; the other not saying a word- not believing what had been happening.

Chaitra and Ariel stood beside them; Ariel choking back a sob, and hiding her face in her wife's chest- Chaitra burying herself in her lover's pearl-blue hair; feeling herself shake at what she pleaded in her thoughts had been a dream; and that she would wake up to her family being complete again.

Members of what used to be the gang stood by within the crowd- Roxi's magenta eyes holding the majority of the tears.  She had fallen in love with the former leader; and even though Willow had never returned those feelings- her heart was with her- and always would be.

The silver-eyed female heard the Priest say something about living on in the gates of Heaven; and to keep the warm memories of the departed alive, as she silently cursed the lake.  The element that had first witnessed the taking of her Mommy; and the element of which had now taken her Mom.

She watched the casket being lowered into a burial plot, as she sighed sadly.  This wasn't a dream, this was real.  And the teenager knew that right then- she would need to do some fast growing up.

~*~Seven Years Later~*~

Silver eyes stared listlessly into a mirror- taking in her own reflection, lightly stroking a lock of wavy, ruby-red hair.  Her eyes that used to shine bright and sparkle with life- were now dim, and laced with a gleam of sadness.

It was night, and winter had made it's way across the landscape- tiny snow flurries dancing around the porthole windows of her bedroom; the maiden slipping on the last of her attire- her long, brown trench coat. 

She did this every week.  She knew of the drill.  She threw on her snow boots- zipping the tops of them up, and pulling the bottom half of her black, flare jeans over them.

Making her way downstairs, she killed the light- picking up something in a blue, Wal-Mart bag- taking her ring of keys and heading out to her Sunfire; locking up the house, and shutting off any appliance she needed to, as she did so.

She parked the car by the lake- stepping out and locking the door.  Walking up onto the dock- the very dock that had taken her Mom's life all those seven years ago- she stared out into the now icy abyss of water with a saddened sigh.

She reached into the bag, pulling out a beautiful, pink flowered wreath- speaking something softly and tossing it into the lake- the delicate petals making a light splash into the water.

The maiden watched it drift, feeling another walk up behind her; a hand being laid upon her shoulder.

"Hey, Mon.  It's getting cold," a voice spoke gently.

Monica turned around, meeting burgundy hair with yet another sigh, "Roxi-" she managed to get out, her eyes misting up, as she felt the other woman's arms go around her.

"I know, sweetie.  I know.  I miss them both too," Roxi spoke, rubbing her friend's back in a comfort.

Monica sniffled, "Thanks.  I mean, I know it's been seven years- but damn it, why can't I stop crying?" she got out in a bit of anger.

Roxi placed a hand upon her cheek- causing the other woman to look up, "Because these things take time.  I know I don't think I'll ever get over it myself; but please, honey- take all the time you need.  It's ok to cry you know."

"I'm so tired of crying," Monica confessed, looking up at the magenta-eyed woman.

"I know you are.  But someday, this will pass.  Sure, you won't forget- but someday, Mon- you'll meet someone to make you happy, and take all of your tears away.  And if there will be anymore tears- then they'll be for happiness and that alone.  I promise," Roxi explained.

Monica nodded, "I just wished I could believe you."

Roxi frowned.

"Hey, I know what we can do, sweetheart.  Let's head back to the house.  The girls can live without me for a night," she suggested.

"Are you- are you sure you can?" Monica questioned.

Roxi smirked, "I'd hope so.  I mean, I am their leader after all."

This resulted in a light laugh from the other maiden.

Roxi's silver lips formed a smile, "I'll even make you some cocoa.  I'm sure you're freezing."

Monica nodded.

"Follow me there.  Then we can get warmed up," Roxi spoke, Monica agreeing.

Roxi placed a comforting arm around her friend's shoulders, the two women heading back to their cars, and off to Roxi's cabin.

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