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Monica made her way downstairs; stepping into the empty living room before her.  She paused; listening for any signs of life that could signal one of the girl's presences.  When no answers came to her, she decided to scope the place out. 

It was rather beautiful; she had to admit, looking around at all the dark and silver crystals that seemed to hang from the windows- the rays from the sun giving off an aura of colors- tiny rainbows dancing across the room almost.

Her attention fixed to a lone picture sitting upon a little brown shelf off to the far, left corner- a vase of daisies sitting beside it.  Monica's eyes filled with wonder; taking the little black onyx framed picture into her hands, and looking at it.

It was of two women; wrapped in a loving embrace; as one held a little life in their arms- none older than 4 months, Monica guessed; locks of wavy, royal blue tied back with a silver scrunchie- though her eye color not being able to be made out; due to the red-eye in the picture. 

The woman's arms were wrapped around- what Monica guessed again was her wife; or girlfriend; wavy, dark red hair meeting her shoulders; as again, she couldn't tell her eye color.  Just that they were both very beautiful. 

She smiled sadly, thinking back to when she once had parents.  Parents that were alive, and doing just as the two women in the picture were doing.  She sighed; setting it back on the shelf, and sitting down on the little love seat that was beside said shelf.

But, she noticed something else:  a lake sitting in the background; and a white and silver boat sat tied-up on the dock that she guessed they were standing on.  The sky was a mix of pink and orange; as the young maiden guessed it was either sunrise, or sunset.  Monica figured the latter.

She heard footsteps; fixing her attention back towards the kitchen, as a door opened; seeing the golden-haired woman carrying a basket of clothes.  She lightly kicked the door closed; turning around with a surprised look.

"Oh; good morning," she greeted, walking up, and setting the basket on the main couch.

Monica laughed softly, "Sorry if I scared you."

"Not at all.  I was just amazed to see you up so early," the woman spoke, taking some random items from the basket, and folding them up.

"Yeah.  I- I used your shower too.  Hope you didn't mind," Monica replied, fixing one of her still-wet bangs that had suddenly fell past her silver eyes.

"Of course not.  Kiona and I did say you could do so as you wished.  You're our guest," the lady smiled, continuing to fold some clothes; handing a pile of fresh, dry garments to the ruby-red-haired woman, "By the way, here.  I washed and dried these for you this morning."

Monica took them, "Oh; uh.  Thank-you."

"My pleasure," the lady stated, returning to her work.

Monica coughed, "So; you're- Relena- right?"  she tried to think, pleading in her thoughts that she had gotten the right name.

She had just met the girl; and didn't want to sound like a total idiot in front of her. Not that she was in love, or anything; but she also didn't want to make a bad impression.  Just in case they were ever to see one another again.  After today, that was.

"Mmmhmm.  And you're Monica?" Relena questioned.

"Yep," Monica answered, not sure of what to say.

Relena smirked, "Thought so.  You're hard to forget."

Monica laughed softly; clearing her throat a bit.

"Um; listen.  I um- I wanted to- to thank-you.  You know.  You and Kiona.  For um- last night," she got out a bit shyly.

Relena set the shirt she was holding aside, "It was my pleasure.  Couldn't let you freeze to death out there.  You really must have taken quite a spill."

Monica was silent.  She didn't want to explain why she had done what she had did.  Not yet.  It was still early.

"Y-Yeah.  Yeah.  Um.  I guess next time I'll be more careful?" she came back, making it sound more like a question than a statement.

"We all make mistakes.  No hard feelings," Relena spoke.

"Thanks.  Glad you're not mad at me for- wrecking whatever plans you had last night," Monica went on, shifting slightly.

"Why would I be mad?  Besides; I was just out for a midnight thrill ride.  Scaring Kiona a little and such, you know?  She's always afraid I'll go out and get myself killed when I leave the house," Relena continued.

Monica chuckled very weakly, "Sounds like some of my friends.  I take it you're a thrill-seeker?"

"Mmm.  Kind of.  I mean, I do like to live on the edge.  I get that from my Mom-" Relena stated.

Monica gazed down; her eyes holding sadness at the word 'Mom.'

Relena arched a brow, "You all right?"

Monica looked up, shaking off the sadness for a moment, "Oh; yes.  I'm fine."

"Just making sure," Relena intervened, finishing up the last of her folding.

"So; are you hungry?  I can make you something to eat if you want," she suggested.

"Sure.  Though, I don't wanna feel like a leech, or anything," Monica came back with; bringing her folded garments closer to herself.

"Dude, if I even thought you were a leech; then I would never have offered.  It's all right.  Seriously.  If you want to eat- I'll be glad to make something," Relena explained, receiving a nod from the woman on the couch.

"Oh; um.  All right then.  Sure.  What do you have?" Monica asked, standing up.

Relena set the basket aside, facing the silver-eyed woman, "Anything you want.  Step into my office-" she spoke, smirking and walking towards the kitchen.

Monica laughed weakly; doing so as she was asked; meeting up with her orange-eyed rescuer.

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