Immortal Fatalis

by Sweet Lionheart


Summary: A teenage researcher discovers that her academy is hiding away a devastating secret that might be connected to the beginning of a new war.

Author's notes: This is my first fiction ever. Here's chapter one. Please be nice with me on this if it has any mistakes in it. Review only if you truly desire to ...


At Sigma X. Academy, the students and teachers had either no respect for one another or a good, clean relationship. The academy was known for it's high advance technology and it's clusters of intelligent students from all around the globe. The one thing that the academy never ever had was failure.

Several students quickly scampered across the hallways and in to the Advance Writing Class as the warning bell sounded. Quickly sitting down at her desk, Minnie Sion pushed aside a few bright brown strands of her mid length hair and adjusted her specs. She gave a sadistic sigh and whispered cheerful things under her breath.

The sound of the last bell ringing caused Minnie to drop her books to the side as one of her peers, who sat a desk beside her, bent over and quickly grabbed the books. Staring in to the young boy's face, she quickly realized, by the mountain of flowing black hair, that it was none other than Nick Adams. He smiled at her as Minnie bashfully looked over, fighting back the tears that were on the range of being unleashed.

"Here you go, Chief." He handed the books back to her with a grin. "You okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Minnie quickly said with a fake smile. "I wish that class could start. You know how restless the group gets when the headteacher isn't in here."

"Yeah," Nick nodded, "it was practically a zoo when he came in here the last time."

Giving a fake laugh, Minnie turned away, hopeing to end the conversation. Before Nick could get another word out, a tall, inevitably skinny man entered the room. He had bleached blonde hair that was slick back in to a soft manner and vibrantly emerald green eyes. Grasping his thick notebook from his desk, the man gave the students a grim and no so warming smile.

"Good morning, Deltas. I see you all are prepared, unlike the last time I came in late." The man hinted as snickers flooded the room.

"But anywho, today I decided that we would all write a full page report on War World II."

"But Mr. Edkins, we can't do a report on WWII because of the fact that we promise Principal Pete that we would work on the metal project." A student quickly blurted out.

Mr. Edkins rolled his eyes. "I'm afraid not, Kenny. You see, the "Metal Project" has been cancel become of highly dangerous levels of advance in it. In other worlds, it might get too dangerous for us to handle. Besides, there are always other projects."

"That's strange," Minnie frowned and looked at Nick, "I always thought we were going to finish that project. Epsecially since the other principals from the Blue Cross School Boards were going to rank our school again."

Nick shrugged. "I guess were just "too perfect" for them."

"Do the Betas and the Alphas know about this?"

"Well," Nick glanced at the board, "usually the juniors and seniors learn of these kind of things before we do. So, I guess so. But I'm completely not sure."

"Oh, I see." Minnie grimaced and looked back the teacher.

"Now, I need someone to go to the Office and give these papers to Mr. Andy. How about you, Minnie? You are, as usual, my star researcher for the school's special projects."

Maybe I shouldn't, Minnie thought, or maybe I should ...?

"Yes, sir. I would love to take the papers to the office."

Mr. Edkins smiled. "That's my girl."


The hallway was filled with emptiness; Utter Silence. Minnie summoned enough pep to keep her sanity as she continued down it. The only luminous source was that of the classroom lights. Minnie was just happy the teachers weren't showing any movies, then she would be messed up. The tenseness numbed down as she reached the Office door.

Strangely enough, there was no lights on; only pitch black. Minnie raised an eyebrow as she slowly opened the door and peered through it. There seemed to be nobody inside, except for sound of the phone beeping. Opening the door completely, she grasped the papers and entered.

Tall, dark walls along with two, lifeless desks, seats, and several file cabinets only made the Office look like something from a horror movie. Terror gripped inside Minnie as she took a few steps towards one of the desks and laid the papers down on its' surface. She quickly jumped in defense as she heard a muffled laugh escape from one of the corners of the room. Placing a hand on her chest, she walked pass the desks to see a solid door to the left side of the room.

Think positive thoughts, Min, she thought, You've got to calm down; your not in danger!

Placing her hands on the door, she looked down at the silver doorknob and bit her lip; part of her didn't even want to touch it while the other wanted to see what was behind it. Perhaps a mystery that the school, the teachers, nor the students had ever thought of. Gripping the doorknob, Minnie closed her eyes and swung it open.

Her eyes snapped open and became disturbed; disturbed with utter surprise, confusion, and terror. Two tall, black columns of garnite or some kind of element stood to both her sides while a silver brick path lead to a door in the middle while two doors were on the side of the walls. Minnie gripped her neck, feeling pressure build up and began to run down the hallway.

Pictures of outer space were plastured on the rich colored walls as Minnie passed them only to stop dead in her tracks; she had made it to the finally door. Swallowing her, she stared at the stridently white door with it's crystal doorknob. Enwritten on the door, in big, bold black letters was: Project: Deus ex Machina.

"'dA-s-"eks-'mä-ki-na" Minnie pronouced in a whisper. "I've heard of that."

Gripping the doorknob, Minnie slowly opened it up to see a huge room with small, pillars of light on the top of the ceiling. Entering, she slowly closed the door and walked to see someone she never thought she would see. It was Principal Pete. His musty, but bushy mustache swished in an interesting manner as he moved around in his tubby body. Surrounding him were several scientists, including teachers. Pete pulled out a cigarette and lit it with his lighter.

"Let me get this straight," he sputtered out, "you're telling me that my machine God won't be ready for another year?"

One of the scientists nodded. "Yes, that appears to be so. You know, Pete, it takes a lot of time to complete this. This is, supposedly, the first cybernetically enhanced human being in the world to date. Supplies don't grow on trees."

"So doesn't money, Petchercal!" Principal Pete growled. "I suggest you remember that. This project's supposed to not only be top secret but be the revolutionary solution to the world of technology. Dare I say more?"

"No, sir." Petchercal replied in a sigh. "But you know, this seems to not be helping the school out, either."

"The school? This school won't need anymore books after I get through. Once I cybernetically enhance the students here, I'll have a "little empire" as some would say. The little pricks won't know what hit them once the December assembly takes place. Then, I'll start my own country with my own rules, my own people, my own style and taste. Who needs America anyway!"

"You're a very bad man, Mr. Pete." Petchercal smirked. "Very bad."

"Stop the love and get back to work. I want him to be perfect."

Backing up toward the door, Minnie shivered in fear; her own principal, a man, a lunatic, and a traitor to the school. Gripping the doorknob, she shuddered to imagine herself as a cyborg or more like a slave. Turning the doorknob, she quickly left the room and ran down the hallway; her eyes showed surprise to see a young boy, with white hair and pale reddish brown eyes, show an emotionless expression to her. Minnie slowly backed away.

"Who're you?"

"You say too much, girl." The boy said and smirked. "Heh, this might actually be fun."