Shine a light for him

Do you see that boy ,that brother
Fighting shadows in the dark
Can you hear his tortured hymns
Sang from hollowed hearts
He fights a loosing battle
Seeds of evil on all parts
As he thrashes bravely failing
Falling into deep despair
Crying out reaching forward
Hoping someone is there

Shine a light for him my friend
Let him know that help is near
Throw a life line be his savior
Rescue him from despair
Stand beside him in his battles
Raise the banner in his name
Let him know that there be angels
Let him know you share his pain
Stand him up when he falls down
Answer when his voice cries out
Feel the pressure of his will
And wash away his long held doubt

Do you see that boy, that brother
Fighting valiantly for his rights
Do you know the paths he's taken
To free himself from darkest night
Don't thread on his good name
He's worked too hard to make it clear
Don't take bad luck to his doorstep
Or fling your dirt into the air
But be like him and fight your battles
Let your voice ring clear

I'll shine a light for you my friend
For you are in great need
I have a lot of heart to lend
I need no payment for this deed
To you my dear companions boldly
I bend my head and open my heart
So you may see this light a shining
And know there be a place to start
A life for you outside the gloom
A place where burdens end
Somewhere beyond the violence
When strangers lend a hand

Do you see that boy, that brother
Shine a light for him