Dried up husk of flesh
Thin , wan, transparent at all angels
I can see through you
The make up
The clothes the hair
What lay beneath
Is something you fear
That face with lines
And dark shadowed eyes
The lips to big
And nose too wide
A face that our people
Should wear with pride

Your shiny straight hair
That came from a store
But the new growths are natural
And that you abhor
You fear your self
Those child bearing hips
Those luscious brown lips
And eyes dark and deep
You want to be shallow
So you drown in deceit

You fear for your mother
You fear for your kids
You cover them up and hide who they are
You turn them to dolls
Its an all out war
On hair and skin and weight even eyes
You pile it on thick
You drown them in lies
These dark little children
With blue contacts in their eyes
These Nubian princess with wide open flies
You've molded them into flawed little loons
And when they mess up you always presume
This is what the white men has done to them
Your perfect little kids
Bleached to near golden
Bad little twits

You tweak and you challenge
The laws of reality
Until you've changed these children
Into what you want to be
Bright skinned and bright eyes straight hair
Filled with lies!
Our little black children
have lost all their spots
the little things that set them apart
made them special, different
a precious commodity
someone of great destiny
all washed away
because you want them to be white
to fit your society

so you make up assumptions
and false attitudes
and if someone doesn't fit
well they're just rude
if your bright skinned
but don't speak the black way
they you're full of shit
and should just fade away
if your dark and full of deep insight
you are accused of trying to be white

but me I say fuck it ill be who I am
I love my wide nose I have perfect large lips
My hair is thick and curly as the day I was born
I'll never change it though I fight it each morn
My eyes the perfect shade of deep brown
And my skin has a flavor all of its own
Far better than honey or brown sugar or cinnamon rich
More sensual than chocolate and man can I bitch
I speak my mind in proper English or perfect French
But when I speak Spanish my accents in the trench
If I'm not black for liking who I am
Well then I am not black and I don't give a damn