Chapter 30/ Epilogue

Brett awoke early the next morning and glanced down at his wife whose body had been exposed when she'd shifted in the night. She was so gorgeous and she didn't even realize it. Not only that, he could relate to her and talk to her for hours and he'd never been able to achieve that deeper level with a woman before her. He allowed a finger to trace her curves of her petite body and he wondered how such a tiny woman would be able to have a child. The thought slightly alarmed him. He would love to be a parent and raise a child with Emily as its mother, but he wondered if it was safe for her. She was almost clean of her cancer, but that didn't mean she was strong enough to bear her own child. Maybe they would just adopt because he would die if he lost her. The thought scared him and he resolved to have a long chat with her doctors to make sure he didn't do anything to her.

"I love you, Emily. More than I thought I could love anyone," he whispered.

She shivered as the room was a little chilly and he covered her with the sheet that she'd kicked off and held her close to him. Emily yawned and stretched awake, her eyes resting on Brett once they were fully opened and focused. At first she grew self conscious and shifted nervously before she realized she had nothing to hide and stretched fully.

"Good morning" she said softly; tracing his muscular chest.

Brett inhaled and wondered how this one woman could still have such an effect on him. He used to get bored with women but Emily was always new and intriguing and kept him constantly on edge.

"Good morning. I like waking up like this," he teased, running his hand over her bare skin and then studying her relaxed face.

He loved how relaxed with him she was and it was the best feeling in the world. He bent to kiss her gently. Emily blushed and smiled up at him,

"I could get used to it" she teased once they pulled away.

"Good.'Cause I want to as well," he breathed, thinking of how cute she looked she blushed.

"I wonder if this is how Logan felt when he finally had Aimée in his arms as his the luckiest guy in the world. I finally understand that look on his face the day they came back."

Emily smiled,

"knowing Logan and Aimée I'm sure they both did…Now I don't want to lie around all day, I want to see the islands" she said and kissed him tenderly before rising to shower and dress so they could go out.

Brett nodded in agreement and almost joined her, but knew they would get completely side-tracked if he did. So he cleaned up a little and took his own shower when she emerged and soon they were both dressed in bathing suits and cover-ups ready to explore.

* ** ** *

Daniel awoke in the middle of the night to Grace's screams and allowed Kirsten to sleep. As he changed her and then rocked her he wondered what his sister was doing and if she was really safe as the doctors said she was. Would she be able to be the mother that she always wanted to be? Would the cancer return and take her from them for good?

'I worry too much' he thought trying to tell himself it wasn't worth worrying over and everything was fine but not truly believing it.

Daniel thought about his life, daughter and wife for awhile and then thought about Emily and her husband and their life until he finally dozed off to sleep; grace in his arms the rocking chair coming to a still from his lack of movement. He could only pray for the best.

* ** ** *

Anna awoke the following morning to see Bryant had already left her to go to work. She sighed heavily wondering when he was going to ease off of the company a bit and spend more time with her…and their baby when it finally arrived. She felt hurt because they had celebrated their one year anniversary together as a married couple and he had worked all day and was too tired to do anything that night. Shaking her head a tear ran down her cheek and she wondered if she would end up raising their child alone and wondered whether or not her child would even know its father except for a few hours in the evenings. Rising she took a shower and went downstairs to make herself something to snack on and get ready for work. She and Bryant were planning on telling their friends the news when Emily and Brett returned; so as not to take the spotlight off of the newly engaged couple. She sighed sadly wondering if she would tell their friends alone. Shaking her head she forced her thoughts away and prepared for another long day at work.

* ** ** *

Kathleen awoke with a start to her alarm that morning and sat up on the couch. She had had a wonderful time at the wedding yesterday and she thought Emily was a lovely girl and that she and Aimée should take up modeling. She knew neither would accept her offer nor take her seriously and she decided that the two dresses she had designed for her friends she would not add to her summer line; they would be originals just for her friends. She sighed sadly imagining the fun Brett and Emily were having at that very moment and she couldn't help a stab of jealousy. She thought of Brett as a gorgeous and sweet young man and had found herself quickly attracted to him. She should have known nothing would ever come of it. She figured she would only ever be the 'friend' in any man's life. Good only to design his true loves wedding dress. No man would ever take her seriously after all she was a fashion designer; known for their blonde moments, and stuck up attitude. She would never find a man who would ever thing differently of her. Shaking her head she collected her sketches and got dressed so she could get to the office and get right to work.

* ** ** *

Armand sipped his wine idly as he stared out the window at the falling rain. It was nights like these that he even missed his ex-wife. Even she was some company. He was truly happy for his daughter, but he was also very envious. She had someone to share her life with and had a life's partner. He had no one because he was stupid enough to agree to the arranged marriage when he was younger. He was only forty as he'd married young but he didn't think he would be able to meet anyone at his age. Unlike Aimée, Armand knew he was good-looking. That and his wealth are why he was auctioned off to his wife's family. But, even knowing that he had trouble believing he could find someone as wonderful as Aimée had found. He sighed. It seemed as though he would have to live life vicariously through his daughter. At least he had the chance to make amends with her. He hated the fact that such a gorgeous woman grew up thinking she was ugly. How much happier would she have been if she had believed otherwise? Sighing, he shook the thoughts from his head and rose to ready himself for bed.

"I love you, my daughter. I'm so glad you are happy," he whispered into the still night air before retiring.

* ** ** *

Logan awoke earlier than normal the following morning and smiled softly at Aimée before disentangling himself from her and going to shower in a different room so as not to wake her. After his shower and dressing he strode downstairs and fed Valentine before taking a seat at the table to think. He loved Aimée and he enjoyed showing her just how much but yet at the same time he had to take into consideration the affect of doing so. Logan could not see himself as a father and he knew Aimée was the type of woman who would want a family; not just a husband but the whole deal, husband, kids, pets the works; he didn't know if he could give them to her...he didn't know if he wanted to. Sure Logan thought some kids were cute; he thought Grace was adorable. But yet he had never held her even once and he had no desire to. He would watch everyone else holding her and cooing to her and he couldn't imagine making a fool of himself doing so. He loved his job and he loved his wife. Babies took time and money…lots of both. He knew for certain he didn't want to give us his job to be tied down to a little kid and he couldn't ask Aimée to be a stay home mom. She had his blood in her she had even before he had met her. They had the need for action, to stay on their toes to be free to spend as much time needed always with a mystery on their hands. He shook his head growing worried and angry.

"Yeah NOW you think of all this" he whispered angrily berating himself.

'I should have talked with her before marrying her and then making her give up any dreams of a family she may have' he thought for several minutes about the dilemma he had put them in before he wrote her a note in case she woke up while he was gone and went to take Valentine for an early morning walk through the park; thoughts of Aimée, a baby and the ever persistent problem of his mother flooding his mind.

* ** ** *

Aimée woke up and was disappointed to find that Logan was not there. She went downstairs to find something to eat and read his note.

"Oh," she breathed and went about having a cold breakfast.

After last night, something had hit her. She'd never told Logan one very important thing about her...she couldn't have children. He hadn't noticed the small scar on her lower abdomen, or if he had, he'd never commented on it. It hadn't really crossed her mind in all the time they were together because she hadn't ever thought she would marry him and sleep with him. But now...what if he expected children? She swallowed hard in fear. At one point in her life when she was young, she'd wanted kids, but quickly got over that desire as she became engulfed by her job. Her mother had forced her to have a surgery when she was fifteen and surprisingly never told her what it was for. A few years later, when her mother practically cackled when Aimée told her how Adrian almost raped her, Aimée figured it out. She didn't care if her daughter got raped because no one would ever know...ever. She'd had her daughter's tubes tied so that she could toss her daughter from man to man until Aimée's mom found the one she thought was wealthy enough and had enough influence for her tastes and twisted purposes. But now that she and Logan had been together many times without protection...would he wonder why she wasn't pregnant?

"Oh God, what have I done?" she whispered and for the first time since Logan had proposed, felt terrible.

She loved him so much that she couldn't even bear thinking about his rejection when he found out. She'd also been pushing him about getting to know his mother as she also tried to work things out with her father. Things were growing complicated...quickly. Almost too quickly for comfort,

"Please forgive me, Logan," she whispered, burying her face in her hands.

Logan came in just then and saw her sitting at the table and heard her whispered words. He glanced at her skeptically and wondered what was going on.

"Forgive you for what?"

* ** ** *

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

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