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It was late.  Around midnight or so, as I made my way back down the hall from the bathroom.  I pulled my silken robe tighter; my locks of black a bit mussed- but falling almost to my knees. 

I always wondered what cutting my hair would make me look like.  Would it had made me look any better?  But many said in response, that they love it as it is.  I decided to believe them.

This was typical for me.  Roaming the hallway and such around this hour.  After all, I was one that could not sleep anytime before the wee hours.  I swear, I was born part vampire or something.  But of course, I knew that I was not.  Sleep was just something that did not come easily to me.  I had always been that way.

I slowly crept back into my bedroom; being sure as not to wake her; as I reached out and ran a brush through my long hair- gazing at my own reflection as I did.

I was not much of anything, really.  Though, both men and women had complimented my looks- saying that I was mysterious, yet beautiful.  I was not built like most women- I always thought I was too thin; and it seemed like I always seemed to remind myself of a walking corpse.  But they never saw that upon me.  I was a dark and mystic beauty.  Hence my first name. 

One feature I had always admired, I confess- were my eyes.  They were violet- deep, and almost crystal-like.  A dark, tranquil shade, that held mystery, but as well as life and wisdom; as they easily matched a color in which could be found during the night. One brought out by the moonlight.

Setting my brush aside, I turned around- lifting and untying my robe- revealing just my body.  I didn't care if she saw me- because it was nothing new.  We had seen these sides of each other for quite some time now.  A few years since we had become good friends.

I smiled.  God, she looked pretty in the moonlight.  It was true she was an angel- but was she a moonlit angel?  I had wondered that for so long.  I lightly wrapped an arm around myself- hugging just below my chest, as I reflected back. 

I could remember everything- even though hours had passed since our rendezvous.  I could see her staring up at me- her beautiful, sky blue eyes gazing into my own. 

Her eyes held so much life and brightness- versus my own- which held a shade that someone would probably not see until they were nearly reaching the blackened plains of death.  I loved her eyes.  I could easily get lost in them.

I could still feel her touch, as she ran her hands along my form- awakening my every sense and bringing me to my root of life.  My own hands snaked through her long, wavy, gorgeous hair, as I nearly felt myself gasp out loud.

We were not in love; nor were we even thinking about a relationship.  We were simply good friends.  We understood, and respected one another.  Mirror reflections of the other. 

Her- a bright, vibrant, beautiful angel, just bursting with life; and myself- a dark, listless, mysterious type of demon, damned to an eternity of no purpose, or destiny.  Punished for a crime that I did not even commit. 

I am a dark energy, and nothing more.  Why would she even wish to associate with me in the first place? 

The Heavens would frown down upon our doings- but we never seemed to care. 

After all, she never did grow fond of their kingdom.  Especially after just that taking her first wife one fateful day, as her love fought to protect the kingdom that my moonlit angel had once loved and called home.   

It was then that I was summoned to her.  Called upon by the higher powers to come and help her out as almost a guardian.  But little did we both know; our friendship would ignite feelings in which we had not felt in so long.

It had been years since her Crystal had been taken; and I had not been with anyone ever.  I had not experienced the joy of passion, or the absolute bliss that was love.

I wanted to be there for her- to give her all that I could.  And hence, our passions in the dark of night.  Is it lust?  Perhaps.  But not in the sense that we are desperate, and we only wish to go to that hill and then act as if nothing happened- but in the sense of two friends wishing to satisfy and help each other in every way possible:  Physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

But throughout all of this, I learned to cherish and hold a place in my heart for her; which is something I never did for anyone.  She was special, and had not deserved such a horrible tragedy all those years ago. 

Did I love her?  Not even I knew the answer to that.  I mean, a demon falling for an angel?  Was it possible? 

But no matter what it was- I vowed to keep her safe; and that if she were to find another love someday- that nothing would happen to them.  I would give up my eternal life to watch she and someone walk together in the sun.

I made my way back to the king-sized bed, smiling and climbing back inside- joining up with my sweet friend.  I tried not to move too much; fluffing my pillow just a bit, and pulling the blankets to my waist. 

A sigh broke me of my trance, watching her shift over towards the other side- her blonde hair concealing apart of her chest; her own heart crystal seeming to glimmer and shine in the moonlight that danced it's way across the room.

Bringing my form over towards her side, I wrapped a protective, but warm arm around her. 

This normally would have sent a shiver down anyone's spine; for I was dark- and when one is dark like myself- they give off a cold, icy exterior to anyone that they may see or touch.  But not my angel. 

She said she always felt warmth whenever we touched.  That was something that puzzled me to this day.  But, I wasn't about to argue it out with anything or anyone.

I could still feel everything from our heated moment.  First, it was simple.  We lay beside each other- her kicked back onto the bed- her pink, lace nightgown covering up her absolutely gorgeous figure- laughing sweetly, as locks of blonde covered apart of her blue eyes.

Myself sat cross-legged beside her- my own black pj's covering myself up, as we talked of the day, and laughed about some events that had taken place.  Two best friends- bound together, and drawn in by our similar lives.

Then, it happened.  A spark took us over, as we quickly, but lovingly lifted the cotton and silk from one another- stepping up and into the sheets themselves.  We took a moment to reflect- sharing an innocent kiss; as I placed my fragile china doll upon the soft, fluffy pillows. 

Her shimmering, white, feathered wings seemed to spread out upon her back, as she was placed down- smiling up at me with such light- that it nearly blinded me to look upon her.

We felt the moment rise, exploring and discovering every inch of each other's bodies- sharing sweet kisses in between the events.  I saw stars, my own angel gasping out my name, as we rocked back and fourth against each other.

I paid her much respect- she only smiling and returning the same favor to me and my own; caressing away any uncertainties that I might have had from all this. 

I reached enlightenment as light tears misted in my dark purple eyes.  She had brought to me so much. So much that I had missed, and had yet, never felt before in all my hundreds of years of walking and roaming this world.

My angel must have noticed, because she spoke such sweet words to me, kissing them all away with each drop that escaped my icy cheek, assuring  me that it was all right; and that it was perfectly ok to cry.  I only smiled, and nodded back at her- thanking her with a kiss, as we both carried on.

I sometimes wished I wasn't so afraid to tell her how much she has done for me.  I wished there were something more to do besides give her satisfaction, and assure her with my words that she had a friend in this dark demon.  I wished that I could make her my own sometimes; but I also didn't want to lose what we had- so I always forced myself to stay quiet.

We had reached the final standing point; exhausted and worn out; just catching our heated breaths, and snuggling up in each other's arms.  She sighed, yawning slightly, and cuddling up into my chest, smiling with contentment.  I smiled and just lay there; stroking her silky hair, and gazing down upon her.

Soon, her normal, soft breathing deepened- creating an almost light snore, my sweet friend inching even closer to me.  This normally would probably have driven anyone else crazy; but I was never bothered.  I loved listening to her sleep.  Just as much as I did watching.  To me, it was beautiful.

And even though it was not a relationship; having someone with me made me feel like- if even for only a night- that I wasn't alone.  Just me and my angel.

A groan of discontentment escaped her, as I shifted my body down a bit- adjusting myself to have the ability to hold her- and as well as make my own form comfortable, my arms still wrapped around her slender waist. 

I hated my own body; but my angel's was perfect.  Flawless and endlessly beautiful.  I had often wondered how even before her deceased wife; so many girls and guys had up and hurt her.  How someone could do so much to a woman so enchanting, and lovely.

I hated those girls and guys.  I hated them with a passion.  But I never said anything.  I just vowed that I would never let anyone do such a thing to her again.  And I swore to keep that vow.

By now I was feeling my own form start to give in to the night; my gaze still locked on the woman that I had just been one with- leaning over to place a gentle kiss upon her own pale cheek, icy breath being felt upon her complexion- but she not even being affected by it.

Pulling her closer, I closed my violet eyes- giving into the dream world that swirled around me; not removing my arms from my also sleeping friend.  It was times like these that I was glad to be here. 

All the times of being a wanderer; all those nights of being alone, and having no purpose was worth it.  It led me to her.  My friend, my lover; my moonlit angel.

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