Shall I compare thee to a winter's day?
For words of summer you'll neer hear say
of from my lips; with the sun's shining light
in rays beaming down until the sweet night
arrives in its warm, caressing splendor.
But you are grey sometimes, as winter
is, and sadness darkens your once-bright face
when catastrophe comes to blight God's grace
upon us; it's destiny, however sad:
in love we must take the good with the bad.
As fate ordained from a faraway star
it is clearly determined that there are
no happy endings, for love cannot be
forever never with tragedy.

Author's Notes: This is sort of a "sequel" to my previous poem Compensation. It's a description (for most of you who don't know the other poem) of the inevitable paradox in love and life: you can't have all good without some bad, and vice versa. This was supposed to be a Shakespearean sonnet for school, but I read this over I realized that I had written it all wrong. XD I like this poem a lot, but it didn't exactly serve its purpose...*sigh* Back to the drawing board, as they say. I hope you enjoyed my little poem. For any of you who care, I did achieve with relative success in creating iambic pentameter, but the rhyme scheme is AABBCCDD instead of ABABCDCD...if not, I really hope you liked the poem! Don't be shy to tell me what you thought! =^) Thanks for reading! ~Mistress Jakira