It wasn't a deadly silence, not really that was romanizing it. It was silent though, devoid of all sound and life. It was empty or at least had an empty feeling.

He strained his ears trying to make his footsteps quieter so he couldn't hear them. Compared to the silence they were hauntingly loud. In reality all that could be heard was the light crush of grass and leaves.

Actually his breathing could be heard too. He wasn't panting desperately nor was he breathing lightly. His breath rippled in the air despite his efforts to keep in even and steady.

The ironic thing was that he as the only real life there. Most of the time he felt dead or at least numb.

There it was right in front of him. He hadn't realised how he got there. It was like he lost ten minutes of his life and he had no idea where they went. It didn't matter though. Nothing did anymore.

There was no moment of clarity or pain. There was nothing at all. He should feel something yet there was nothing. He wasn't freaked or saddened. He hadn't expected something. Why should he? This wasn't some new wondrous beginning. This was just history. The end of history actually. The end of everything.

He had been there for the end, the only one to survive. Plants and animals disappeared. Mother nature had died. Humans in fact were the first to go. Well one human survived. He was the only one left. He didn't care. He would've preferred to be dead. He lived through the end but why did it matter in he was alone?

He was the only breathing thing alive and he was just waiting to die. Eventually he would, this charred god forsaken planet couldn't support life anymore. He was standing right in the middle of where it began. It spread out like the ripples when he threw a stone into a lake. Somehow he escaped it.

Humans had been their own worst enemy. The more advanced they grew the bigger the enemy got. Humans destroyed everything. It was a major accomplishment when you thought about it.

He was the only one left to think about it and pretty soon he'd be gone. Maybe eventually plants would grow back and animals would evolve again. He wasn't getting his hopes up. He'd be long gone by then anyway if it ever would happen. Besides hadn't things begun like this in the first place? The history book on the self was always repeating itself. Maybe next time there would be a happy ever after.