Remember Yesterday

If I should leave, in any form,
don't shed a tear for me.
It would only make goodbye more worse,
than it should really be.
And if today, should be the one,
where I would breathe my last,
then by all means, please soon forget,
and instead remember the past.
The days in which we used to live,
we were never friends with sorrow.
We lived for the moment, cared no less,
as if there were no tomorrow.
Yes, goodbye would be hard indeed,
and heartache will be near.
If I should leave, I'd softly whisper,
"I'll be watching you, my dear".
And yet, if it were the other way,
and you were first to go,
Then I'd wait patiently for my turn,
so after you, I would follow.
But for today, be grateful enough,
for we have memories to stay.
Cuz when either of us is bound to go,
someone must remember yesterday.